It turned out that the price of YouTube Premium was secretly raised

'YouTube Premium', a paid subscription service provided by YouTube, has various benefits such as being able to play videos without advertisements on YouTube and being able to experience new features under test ahead of time. It is reported that such YouTube Premium was secretly raised in the United States.

Google increasing price of YouTube Premium to $13.99 per month

YouTube Premium is a service that has been available since November 2018, which enables ad-free video playback, background playback, streaming in 1080p quality, temporary storage of videos locally, and use of YouTube Music Premium.

Ad-free & offline playable `` YouTube Premium '' and music streaming service `` YouTube Music '' started in Japan - GIGAZINE

The price of YouTube Premium's individual plan has been $ 11.99 per month (about 1670 yen) in the United States so far. However, according to Google-related news site 9to5Google, the price was raised to $ 13.99 per month (about 1950 yen). Also, if you contract through the iOS version application, it will be $ 18.99 per month (about 2660 yen). This price increase is a price for new subscribers, and if you have subscribed before, the new price will be applied from the next billing date.

In addition, 9to5Google also reports that the price of YouTube Music Premium will increase from $ 9.99 (about 1400 yen) per month to $ 10.99 (about 1540 yen).

The price of YouTube Premium has also been raised in October 2022, and the family plan was $ 17.99 (about 2520 yen) per month to $ 22.99 (about 3220 yen), and the yearly plan was 119.99 dollars (about 16,800 yen) for 12 months.

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The price increase in October 2022 is for the whole world, and it was also raised in Japan. The price increase reported this time is for the United States, and Japan is not covered at the time of writing the article. In addition, the price of YouTube Premium in Japan is 1180 yen per month for individuals and 11,800 yen per year for individuals.

When 9to5Google asked YouTube about the series of price increases, a YouTube spokesperson said, ``For YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers, we will continue to update our prices in the United States and continue to provide excellent services and features. We believe that this new price reflects the value of YouTube Premium, which allows subscribers to enjoy ad-free YouTube with background playback and offline playback, and uninterrupted access to over 100 million songs in the YouTube Music app.

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