It is reported that the value of Twitter has decreased sharply to only one-third of the amount paid by Earon Mask at the time of acquisition

It was reported that Mr. Elon Musk acquired Twitter for $ 44 billion (about 6.4 trillion yen) on October 28, 2022, but following the trend of Twitter after that, April 2023 It was revealed that Twitter's valuation as of March 28 was cut down to $ 15 billion (about 2.1 trillion yen), which is only one-third of the purchase price by Mr. Mask.

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Asset management giant Fidelity Investments announced on May 28, 2023 that Twitter's overall valuation was about $15 billion, about the price Musk paid to buy Twitter. He said it had decreased by a third.

In addition, the valuation of Twitter shares held by Fidelity Investments' investment trust fund ' Fidelity Blue Chip Growth Fund ' is approximately $ 8.63 million (approximately 1.2 billion yen) as of the end of November 2022, and January 2023. It was estimated to be about 7.8 million dollars (about 1.08 billion yen) as of the 31st, but as of April 28, 2023, it is on a downward trend to 6.55 million dollars (about 913 million yen). has been reported.

Since Mr. Mask acquired Twitter, Twitter has changed its policy from before the acquisition by Mr. Mask, such as blocking third-party Twitter apps due to large-scale personnel reductions and the termination of free APIs, both inside and outside of Twitter. Although major reforms were underway, it was found that in February 2023, more than half of Twitter's 1,000 major advertisers, 625, had stopped advertising.

More than half of Twitter's major advertisers stopped advertising, and advertising revenue plummeted-GIGAZINE

In addition, Musk told employees, 'We can't handle the worsening economic situation with our reliance on advertising .' I need it,' he said . On the other hand, as of April 2023, it was reported that the total number of accounts subscribed to Twitter Blue was about 500,000, and that growth was sluggish.

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However, Mr. Mask reported to employees in March 2023 that ``As of March 2023, Twitter is worth about $20 billion (about 2.6 trillion yen),'' and the financial situation is still unstable. Although it is in the situation, it reveals that Twitter's bankruptcy could be avoided by conducting large-scale employee reductions. Meanwhile, in the email, which called Twitter a 'reverse startup,' Musk said he 'sees a difficult but clear path' to a future valuation of more than $250 billion. I'm also talking.

In addition, in May 2023, Mr. Mask appointed Linda Yaccarino as the next CEO to advance Twitter's drastic reform, and resigned as CEO and oversaw products, software, and system operators. He has announced that he will take on the role of CTO.

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