Earon Mask evaluates Twitter at about 2.62 trillion yen and admits that it is less than half the acquisition price

Elon Musk invested approximately $44 billion (approximately ¥5.75 trillion) in October 2022 to acquire Twitter. However, in an internal message sent in March 2023, it was revealed that Mr. Mask estimated the value of Twitter at $ 20 billion (about 2.62 trillion yen).

Musk entered into an agreement to purchase Twitter shares in April 2022 for $54.20 per share, for a total of about $44 billion. However, after signing the contract, Mr. Mask unilaterally stopped the acquisition transaction, stating that ``the contract will not move forward until the bot rate of the Twitter account is less than 5%.''

Mr. Mask's actions pointing out Twitter's structural problems were also pointed out as ``a bargain to reduce the acquisition price of Twitter,'' but in October 2022 Mr. Mask announced the original proposed amount of about 44 billion. We bought Twitter for a dollar.

However, according to Zoë Schiffer , editor-in-chief of the overseas media Platformer, Mr. Mask said in an internal message, ``The current Twitter valuation is $20 billion.'' In other words, Twitter's valuation has fallen to less than half the price since it was acquired by Mr. Mask.

In addition, Mr. Mask said in the above message, 'We are looking at a difficult road to get Twitter's valuation to $ 250 billion (about 32.7 trillion yen),' Twitter's valuation Demonstrates a positive attitude towards improvement.

In addition, it is clear that Twitter earned over 1.4 billion yen in revenue in three months due to the reform of the subscription plan 'Twitter Blue' implemented under Mr. Mask's command.

The new Twitter Blue earns over 1.4 billion yen in 3 months from service resumption, and only mobile version sales - GIGAZINE

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