NBC Universal's female executive Linda Yaccarino could become Twitter's new CEO

Elon Musk has announced a new CEO in a post on Twitter. It is possible that Linda Yaccarino, head of public relations at NBCUniversal, a major American media and entertainment company, was singled out as a `

`foolish person to take on Twitter's CEO, '' according to Mr. Mask. There are multiple media reports.

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a tweet on May 12, 2023, Musk said, ``I am thrilled to announce that we have hired a new CEO of X/Twitter. I will transition to executive chairman and CTO overseeing the operator, ”he suggested that the new CEO would be a woman.

Musk did not specify who the new CEO would be, but Dylan Byers, a founding partner and senior correspondent for international media Puck News, said, 'Mr. Musk is the head of public relations at NBCUniversal. We are planning to name a certain Linda Yaccarino as our next CEO, two sources said.'

Following this, the American daily newspaper The Wall Street Journal also reported that negotiations are underway for Mr. Yaccarino's appointment as CEO. According to Mr. Yaccarino's LinkedIn page , Mr. Yaccarino joined NBC Universal in November 2011. Since then, Mr. Yaccarino, who has been involved in the advertising business at NBC Universal for more than 11 and a half years, is particularly known as the driving force behind NBC Universal's streaming service Peacock.

Mr. Musk, who acquired Twitter in October 2022 and became CEO, has been implementing various reforms, including the introduction of `` Twitter Blue '' where you can buy authenticated badges, aiming to improve earnings. has faced headwinds such as a 40% year-on-year decline in daily revenue and a 50% decrease in ad placements due to concerns about Mr. Musk's behavior.

In response to such a backlash, Mr. Mask conducted a questionnaire in December 2022 about resigning as CEO, said that he would resign as CEO as soon as a successor was found, and made substantial CEO authority. He has often hinted at stepping down as CEO, jokingly tweeting that he has transferred to .

Reportedly, a spokesperson for NBC Universal said, 'Mr. Yaccarino is repeating rehearsals for a pre-presentation to advertisers.' On the other hand, Twitter, which has closed its public relations department due to staff reductions, did not respond to inquiries from each media.

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