A large amount of sample movies shot with Sony's video specialized mirrorless 'VLOGCAM ZV-E1' that can shoot bright movies even at night with full auto

The video camera ' VLOGCAM ZV-E1 ' released by Sony in April 2023 is equipped with a full-size sensor and has a compact and lightweight body. Since I was able to borrow such a VLOGCAM ZV-E1, I tried shooting movies in various situations to verify the shooting performance.

VLOGCAM ZV-E1/E1L | Digital SLR Camera α (Alpha) | Sony

The VLOGCAM ZV-E1 is a very lightweight full-size mirrorless camera with an actual weight of 490g, making it suitable for movie shooting while carrying around. Details, appearance and button layout of VLOGCAM ZV-E1 can be confirmed in the following article. This time, I tried shooting movies with the VLOGCAM ZV-E1 equipped with the kit lens ' FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 ' and the remote control grip ' GP-VPT2BT '.

Ultra-compact Sony video camera 'VLOGCAM ZV-E1' thorough photo review with a full-size sensor - GIGAZINE

First of all, in order to shoot a 'movie strolling in the downtown area at night', move from the second basement floor of the large-scale commercial facility ' Lukua Osaka ' near JR Osaka Station to the aerial garden ' Kaze no Hiroba ' on the upper floors. I tried to shoot a movie while doing it. The shooting mode is set to 'Omakase Auto', which automatically performs exposure adjustment and focusing, and shoots at 4K / 60fps. I shot while moving in places where the brightness fluctuated greatly, but it always automatically adjusted to the optimal brightness. Also, when shooting 4K movies with smartphones, etc., there is a tendency to face the problem that ``the subject is beautiful during playback, but when it is paused, the subject is blurry'', but the video shot with the VLOGCAM ZV-E1 can You can clearly see the subject.

Walk movie from Lukua basement 2nd floor to air garden ``Wind Square'' taken with full-size mirrorless ``VLOGCAM ZV-E1'' [Review]-YouTube

Next, in order to check the image stabilization performance when shooting while walking, I shot while walking about 1km in the vast underground shopping area of Umeda. I shoot while holding the remote control grip 'GP-VPT2BT' with my right hand without using a gimbal. When you play the movie, you can see that the ``small and uncomfortable shaking'' is considerably suppressed, but every time you step on your foot, a small shaking occurs. When you want to create a 'casual everyday scene' feeling, you want a moderate amount of shaking, but if you want to shoot smooth images with less shaking, you need to prepare a gimbal.

Movie moving through Umeda's underground mall taken with video camera ``VLOGCAM ZV-E1'' [Review]-YouTube

Below is a movie that shot 'Hands while eating'. The white balance is automatically adjusted appropriately even in stores with warm-colored lighting. However, as a result of shooting with the kit lens 'FE 28-60mm F4-5.6' with a shortest shooting distance of 0.3m to 0.45m, there was a problem that 'If you shoot the hand while sitting, the subject is too close and the focus is not correct.' I'm sorry. If you want to use it for 'shooting your hand while sitting', you need to prepare a lens with a short minimum focusing distance.

Meal scene taken with Sony's camera 'VLOGCAM ZV-E1' & 'FE 28-60mm F4-5.6' [Review]-YouTube

The following movie is a movie taken in front while sitting in the passenger seat of a running car. When shooting with 'Omakase Auto', the raindrops on the front window lose focus, so I switched to manual focus and fixed the focus in front. It is a difficult scene to adjust the brightness, such as 'on the street at night with car headlights and street lights shining', but all subjects with different brightness such as roads, electric lights, buildings, etc. were recorded. However, as a result of shooting at 4K60fps while supplying power from the AC power supply inside the car, a high temperature warning was issued at 13 minutes and 26 seconds, and the recording was forcibly terminated.

Movie going south while shooting from inside the car running Shin Midosuji with 'VLOGCAM ZV-E1' [Review] - YouTube

Next, when I cut off the connection with the AC power supply and shot it at 1080p / 60fps while operating it with battery drive, a high temperature warning was displayed in 12 minutes and 28 seconds and the recording ended. When I took a picture while walking in the underground mall in Umeda, the high temperature warning was not displayed even after shooting at 4K / 60 fps for 16 minutes and 50 seconds, so I think that the condition of 'inside the car where the wind does not pass' is causing the high temperature. will be split. The temperature at the time of shooting was 14 degrees, so the shooting time may be even shorter in hotter weather.

Movie going north while shooting from inside the car running Shin Midosuji with 'VLOGCAM ZV-E1' [Review] - YouTube

As a result of actually shooting movies under various conditions using 'VLOGCAM ZV-E1', exposure and focus were adjusted appropriately in most conditions even if I kept relying on 'Omakase Auto'. However, please note that forced termination due to high temperature will occur in an environment where the wind is not blowing. By the way, the battery remained 54% when shooting a total of 16 minutes of 4K / 60fps movie & 30 minutes of 1080p / 60fps movie from full charge. The battery uses the same ' NP-FZ100 ' battery as other Sony cameras, so if you want to shoot movies for a long time, we recommend preparing multiple NP-FZ100s.

In addition, the lens kit that includes VLOGCAM ZV-E1 and FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 is sold at Amazon.co.jp for 329,000 yen including tax from Amazon official.

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Also, at the time of article creation, GP-VPT2BT is sold at Amazon.co.jp from Amazon official for 12,901 yen including tax.

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