What is ``How to improve your thinking ability using creative thinking'' written by AI?

When you create or achieve something, you need to think deeply. However, if you think in the wrong way and delve into it in the wrong direction, you will instead go deep into the quagmire and hinder your creative thinking. In the blog 'Nothing but Words' created by Liam Pohr, who studies computer science at

the University of California, Berkeley , and generated by GPT-3, which outputs extremely advanced sentences, AI wrote 'Creative thinking to think correctly ” was very popular.

Feeling unproductive? Maybe you should stop overthinking.

Mr. Pohr, who paid attention to GPT-3's high sentence output ability, made an attempt to ask, ``If you create a blog that does not reveal that it is generated by GPT-3, how many readers will notice that it is a sentence by AI?'' rice field. When Mr. Pohr aggregated the data for two weeks, the blog had 26,000 viewers and 60 paid subscribers, and one person pointed out that ``it is a sentence generated by AI.'' It was only.

An article written by `` GPT-3 '', which was regarded as dangerous as `` making sentences with too high precision '', emerged as the first place on the social news site

Among them, the most popular was the article ``Creative Thinking for Thinking Correctly without Overthinking''. It seems that it went up to the top.

In the article, first of all, there are 'creative thinking' and 'overthinking' in the way of thinking, and each is defined. 'Creative thinking' is a mental activity that makes full use of one's own mind to come up with ideas that have never existed before, using logic and reason. It is said that 'overthinking' brings about ridiculous and ridiculous ideas. When you're working on a business project or creative activity all day and not making much progress, you're in a state of 'overthinking,' so your brain begins to shut down certain areas of your consciousness, making you more passive and productive. The article says that it will fall into 'overthinking' that traces existing ideas because it lowers the

It is said that 'creative thinking' is important to get out of such a 'thinking too much' loop. By doing activities such as writing stories and poems, drawing pictures, and creating 3D models from scratch, the brain becomes more active and you can see things from a different perspective without being bound by stereotypes. , recommends being open to new ideas. The article states, ``If you're a creator, you should be doing creative thinking on a daily basis. Plus, your brain is more alert and aware of your surroundings, so you're less likely to get tired and distracted, which makes you more productive in general.'

In the article, the most important way to acquire the habit of creative thinking is to 'first try to think creatively,' and to try writing or drawing for at least 15 minutes every day. I think it's good to get used to it little by little. On the other hand, if the time is too long, there is a tendency to not be able to demonstrate creative thinking just by spending time, so it is not recommended to work for more than 2 hours every day. If you want to use creative thinking even after a long time, it is important to work on other forms of creative thinking, such as switching from writing to drawing, or thinking about a story from drawing.

In addition, if you get stuck in a story, try drawing a picture, or conversely, if you have a problem with a picture, come up with a story. It is said that it is ideal for associating. The idea of creative thinking and its uses seem pretty plausible and likely to be useful in practice. However, no studies or information sources have been provided to support the ideas and effects of each of them. It contains minor discomfort, such as being repeated several times.

In a comment on the blog, ``I didn't feel it was written by AI, but I thought it was a sentence I didn't like.'' ``GPT-3 tends to repeat examples, so if you are careful, you can notice it.'' There are voices pointing out. On the other hand, there are opinions such as, ``I heard that the text was written by AI, but when I read it again, I could barely understand the discomfort.'' There are also comments that are surprised by the plausibility.

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