Application 'D2' that can create easy-to-see diagrams that are must-see for those who aim for de-Excel graph paper

When creating presentation materials, web pages, etc., it is convenient to have a diagram that summarizes the contents in an easy-to-understand manner. There are many tools for creating diagrams, some of which output beautiful diagrams simply by specifying the elements contained in the diagram and the display format with text. One of such text-based diagramming tools, ' D2 ' is a tool that can output modern diagrams with a relatively simple notation.

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Text to diagram

D2 is a tool that allows you to create neat diagrams by specifying the contents of the diagram with text. For example, if you enter text like the upper part of the image below, it will output a figure like the lower part of the image.

When creating simple diagrams, familiar tools such as Excel and PowerPoint are OK, but with those tools, the screen tends to become cluttered and the operation slows down as the diagram elements increase. With a command-based diagramming tool like D2, even diagrams with many elements can be created simply by entering text according to the rules. You can check the animation by clicking the image below to see how the drawing is actually done using D2.

There are many text-based diagramming tools like D2, but D2 can create diagrams with a simple notation compared to other tools. Below is an example of creating a diagram with the same content in D2 and

PlantUML . D2 does not require a description to indicate the beginning or end of the text, and there is no need to enclose each element with the symbols ' [ ' and ' ] '.

D2 is open source and is under development, and the source code is published at the following link.

GitHub - terrastruct/d2: D2 is a modern diagram scripting language that turns text to diagrams.

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