Elon Musk announces Twitter's new verified badge will change to 'individual blue', 'company gold' and 'government gray' checkmarks

Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter, has released Twitter Blue, which allows you to buy authenticated badges for 1200 yen per month . However, Twitter has suspended Twitter Blue because of the surge in ' impersonator accounts that have purchased verified badges '. Mr. Mask explained to employees that he would not resume sales of Twitter Blue until the malicious impersonation account disappeared from Twitter, but it seems that sales will resume soon, and along with this, the specification of the authenticated badge It is clear that this will change.

Elon Musk says Twitter will manually verify accounts again - The Verge

Mr. Mask, who acquired Twitter, released a new Twitter Blue that allows anyone to acquire an authenticated badge (blue check mark) displayed next to the account name for 1200 yen per month as a new move to improve profitability. Did.

However, since the verified badge used to be an easy-to-understand indicator for determining whether an account operated by a company, government, or celebrity is genuine, anyone can now purchase a verified badge. , 'Spoofed accounts that purchased authenticated badges' increased rapidly. As a result, some advertising agencies have even recommended that customers ``stop advertising on Twitter''.

Twitter has made it possible to purchase authenticated badges, so there are a lot of fake accounts impersonating official - GIGAZINE

Since advertising is the main source of revenue for Twitter, the number of malicious tweets by spoofing accounts has increased, and many advertisers have left. After that, Mr. Mask promised employees that he would not resume Twitter Blue until the malicious impersonation account disappeared from Twitter.

Elon Mask tells employees that he will not resume Twitter Blue, which distributes authenticated badges for a fee until the malicious ``impersonation account'' stops on Twitter-GIGAZINE

In addition, before Mr. Mask made it possible for anyone to purchase an authenticated badge through Twitter Blue, a Twitter employee submitted a `` report warning that the charged badge could be abused. Although it was, it is clear that Twitter Blue was released ignoring this.

Elon Mask ignored reports on the possibility that Twitter's ``charging of authenticated badges'' could be abused-GIGAZINE

Mr. Mask said on his account on November 25, ``I'm sorry for the delay. We will temporarily resume the distribution of certified badges next Friday (December 2). Gold checkmarks, government accounts with gray checkmarks, personal accounts, celebrity or not, with blue checkmarks, and all accounts must be manually verified before the checkmark takes effect. It will be done. This is painful but necessary, ”he tweeted, announcing that Twitter Blue, where you can buy authenticated badges, will resume on December 2nd.

When Mr. Mask suspended Twitter Blue, he said, 'Individuals and organizations will use different colored checkmarks,' but certification will resume on December 2. In the completed badge, it seems that personal accounts will be displayed in blue, corporate accounts in gold, and government-related accounts in gray.

In addition, regarding the fact that the authenticated badge displayed on personal accounts is displayed in blue regardless of whether it is a celebrity account or not, Mr. Musk said, ``Because the line between being a ``celebrity'' is subjective, All verified badges distributed to verified individual accounts will be blue, unless the individual account holder is confirmed to be affiliated with a company, with a double Next small logo will be distributed, details will be reported next week, ”he tweeted.

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