Known, there is no loss Tab interface using AJAX and CSS 18 kinds

Tab creation library with considerably flashy effect from free software that can create tabs without technical knowledge, Yahoo! , Tabs made by Google, and Adobe, I picked up roughly 18 kinds of things that have various features and unique features.

It is a tab style menu that you see frequently on various pages and blogs, but if you look side by side like this you can see that you can see how it is shown and how it is used in many ways.
First of all, "CSS Tab Designer" can easily create tabs without knowledge. Free software for Windows, about 60 kinds of designs are available. There are many tab style menus in it, and vertical menu and ZDNet style menu etc. are prepared in addition.
OverZone Software - CSS Tab Designer

A tab menu that allows fine customization. Samples using images are also available.
Tab menu

An example of trying to install a tab in a movable floating window by drag & drop.
Floating window with tabs

Suguremono with an "X" button like Windows on the top right of the tab, you can close the tab itself and hide it.
XP style tab panes

Tab that is pretty simple. Which tab is selected from the beginning, and the like are determined.
OSResources - How to create CSS overlapping tabs?

Yahoo! A library for the tabs offered. In addition to being able to attach tabs anywhere on the top, bottom, left, and right, you can switch between just by moving the mouse over the tab, fade in / fade out letters when switching, and a variety of supplementary effects are fulfilled.
Yahoo! UI Library: TabView

It uses prototype.js, so you can create a tab interface that can be easily implemented.
Control.Tabs: Unobtrusive CSS Tabs for Prototype

JavaScript library "jQuery" which can add various effectsIt is for tab development provided as a plug-in, and it supports full support of various AJAX, it can bookmark for each tab, furthermore slide effect, fade effect, function to turn on / off only arbitrary tabs etc. There is nothing we can not do? It is multifunctional.
Klaus Hartl - Stilburo: Accessible, unobtrusive JavaScript tabs with jQuery

The unusual form that the color of the tab changes according to it when clicking the tab
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts - Tab Content Script

Combination type that drop-down method menu comes out from tab
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts - DD Tab Menu II

An unusual script that minimizes changes to existing HTML as much as possible and tabs pages that do not correspond to tabs. If you divide the part you want tabbed into divs and load tabber.js and edit the CSS it is basically complete.
JavaScript Tabifier automatically create an html tab interface

Tabs made with DOM and CSS. It is characterized by automatically generating links like "Next" and "Previous".
DOMTab - Navigation tabs with CSS and DOMscripting

Switching tabs not only by clicking but also by mouse over, as well as switching of tabs by keyboard shortcut keys, etc. are also made possible. - The Website of the Freelancer Koller Jurgen >> Download Tabmenu for free

Tab-based interface which can display such as "loading" like a picture properly while loading the page of the tab's move destination. Although it is a detailed point, it is kindness for the visitor.
Ajax Lessons >> Ajax Workshop 2: Building Tabbed Content

How to implement tabs using "Google Web Toolkit" provided by Google.
Google Web Toolkit - TabPanel

This is a tab using Adobe's JavaScript library Spry (Adobe Spry framework for Ajax).
Adobe Labs - Tabbed Panel Overview

Not only a free GPL version but also a paid version exists in the unusual tab creation library, with a $ 69 paid version you can use tabs spanning multiple lines and unusual tabs that scroll left and right.
DhtmlxTabbar - AJAX powered DHTML JavaScript Tabbar component with rich API

A collection of awesome libraries that reproduces various components such as Windows XP, Mac OS X's AQUA style, old Windows style, etc. with AJAX. Of course there are also tabs. Depending on the combination, it can also be unified with a look like a standalone type application.
ActiveWidgets? Ajax Grid? Javascript Datagrid Control and Component Library.

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