The developer is notified that the display range of the App Store advertisement will be expanded to 'Today' and individual pages of each application

In recent years, Apple, which is familiar with iPhone and Mac, is focusing not only on hardware but also on web services and advertising business. From October 25, 2022, Apple will ask developers to expand the display of advertisements in the 'App Store' of the iOS app store to 'Today', which is the initial screen at startup, and individual pages of each application. was notified by e-mail.

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In the App Store at the time of article creation, app advertisements are displayed on the top page of the search screen and the search results screen.

Apps displayed in advertisements are distinguished by a blue background that is different from normal apps, and are also tagged as 'advertising'.

In August 2022, it was reported that Apple, which is planning to expand its advertising business, plans to further expand the range of advertisements displayed on the App Store. At this time, the new advertisement display place was 'Today' which is the initial screen at startup and 'Other recommendations' at the bottom of each application's individual page.

Advertisement display location expanded in iPhone app store - GIGAZINE

On October 22nd, local time, Apple sent an email to the app developer saying, 'From October 25th, the range of ads displayed on the App Store will be expanded, and ads will also be displayed on 'Today' and 'Other Recommendations'. It will start to be done.'

The new changes are already reflected on Apple's support page. The Today tab help says, 'Reach users the first time they visit the App Store to discover your app. Use Today tab ads to show your app prominently on the App Store homepage.' It will be the first content that users who visit the App Store will see.'

Today Tab - Help - Apple Search Ads

Ads displayed on the App Store must be approved for custom product pages on App Store Connect and approved by Apple Search Ads , an app advertising platform for iOS.

Tom's Guid from overseas media commented on the fact that ads are also displayed in the 'Other Recommendations' at the bottom of each app's individual page, saying, 'It means that links to competing apps will be displayed on the app description page, which is important for developers. It can be particularly problematic,' he said.

Also, technology-related copyright expert Florian Mueller said, 'This is another way to increase the effective tax rate for apps. Developers can buy ads on their app pages to get paid for by other developers. We need to avoid losing customers.'

In recent years, Apple has focused on its advertising business, and the new policy `` App Tracking Transparency (ATT) '' introduced in 2021 to protect user privacy has become a tailwind for Apple's advertising business. pointed out.

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In October 2022, it was reported that the company was considering adding ads to the streaming content search service Apple TV.

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