DuckDuckGo's Android app introduces privacy protection that blocks trackers such as Google and Facebook

DuckDuckGo , an internet search engine that protects user privacy, is a fast-growing alternative to Google search as data collection by major IT companies is gaining attention. DuckDuckGo has announced that it will introduce 'a new feature that blocks trackers such as Google and Facebook hidden in other companies' apps' in the Android version of the app.

Introducing DuckDuckGo App Tracking Protection for Android

Privacy firm DuckDuckGo launches App Tracking Protection for Android in beta --Neowin

Google and Facebook are known as companies that utilize user data for content and advertising, but companies collect user data not only in their own apps but also in many third-party apps. It is said that it is. According to DuckDuckGo's survey of popular free Android apps, more than 96% of all have third-party trackers lurking, 87% of which sent data to Google and 68% to Facebook. In addition, it seems that similar results have been obtained in a survey conducted by AppCensus , an app analysis company.

The tracker installed in the app can grasp not only the operation performed by the user on the app but also the user's behavior in real time even when not using the app, and can send data to the company. Data such as where users are, what they are doing, and how many hours they sleep at night are sent to dozens of third-party companies, and Facebook and Google can create detailed digital profiles for users. Is possible. DuckDuckGo points out that not only can these data be used directly by businesses, but they can also be sold to data brokers, advertisers, government agencies, and more.

Apple introduced the privacy enhancement feature ' App Tracking Transparency (ATT) ' from iOS 14.5, allowing trackers to track users. While this has hit advertisers using iOS apps and advertising companies such as Facebook, companies have also reduced the less cost-effective iOS ads and increased Android ads. It has been reported.

Apple Benefits Android with Privacy Enhancements-GIGAZINE

DuckDuckGo announced on November 18, 2021 that it has released a beta version of App Tracking Protection, a new feature for Android apps that blocks the trackers of third-party companies embedded in the app. DuckDuckGo says that many people around the world are using Android instead of iOS, so we're excited to introduce tracker protection in our Android version of the app.

When you enable app tracking protection, it will detect the movement of apps on your device to send data to third-party tracking companies and block user tracking by blocking requests. This mechanism is based on a database owned by DuckDuckGo, and it seems that it will continuously identify new trackers and provide users with the latest protection.

Users will be able to monitor the trackers blocked by app tracking protection in real time from the DuckDuckGo app, as well as see the tracking network that the app tried to send data to. App tracking protection also runs in the background and will continue to block trackers even when the user is sleeping.

In order to enable app tracking protection in the Android version of DuckDuckGo, it is necessary to register on the waiting list via the app. First, tap the icon in the upper right corner of the Android version of DuckDuckGo ...

Tap 'Settings'.

Then tap 'App Tracking Protection' ...

'Join the Private Waitlist' will be displayed. Tap it to complete the registration to the waiting list. It is not necessary to enter personal information to register in the waiting list, the order will be secured according to the date and time on the device, and it will be notified as soon as it is ready.

At the time of article creation, app tracking protection is in beta, and there are a few apps that do not block trackers. We are also encouraged to send feedback via the DuckDuckGo app if there is a problem with the behavior of the app as a result of enabling app tracking protection.

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