The world's application usage time data and popular game rankings are known, how many hours a day do Japanese spend using the application?

A survey by, which analyzes and provides app data, has revealed the ranking of the world's most popular apps in the second quarter of 2022 and the actual usage of apps in countries around the world, including Japan. | Q2 2022 Market Pulse Regional Rankings | EN - Infogram

Mobile users are now spending 4-5 hours per day in apps | TechCrunch

According to data released by on August 3, 2022, 13 countries, including Japan, spent an average of 4 hours or more a day using apps among the countries surveyed. It is said that there is. Specifically, this includes Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India, South Korea, Canada, Russia, Turkey, the United States, and the United Kingdom. In particular, the usage time exceeded 5 hours in the three countries of Indonesia, Singapore, and Brazil.

The increase in app usage time in the second quarter of 2022 will slow down slightly from the second quarter of 2020, when the new coronavirus infection raged, but the pandemic will start to settle down in 2022. An increasing trend was also observed. For example, Singaporeans spend 4.1 hours on apps in 2020, but 5.7 hours in 2022. Also in Australia, it has increased from 3.6 hours to 4.9 hours, both of which are 40% longer.

On the other hand, Japan (5% increase), Indonesia (10% increase), India (5% increase), Canada (20% increase), Russia (10% increase), USA (5% increase), UK (5% increase) ), China (5% increase), Germany (10% increase), and other regions where the increase is only slight, Mexico with a 0% change rate, Turkey and Argentina with a 5% decrease, etc. It was also seen that it was heading for change.

In this report, it is also announced what kind of application is used. The following rankings are the top 10 downloads, usage time, and monthly active users from the left, calculated from the sum of the App Store and Google Play. Globally, Instagram has the most downloads, TikTok has the most consumer spending, and Facebook has the most monthly active users.

Here are some popular apps in Japan. In terms of the number of downloads, the fashion app 'SHEIN' climbed 12 places from the previous quarter to take first place. In terms of consumer spending, the manga app “Piccoma” and the number of monthly active users ranked first in the messenger app “LINE”.

It looks like this in the game application. The battle royale game Free Fire was the most downloaded game worldwide, while the action RPG Honor of Kings, also known as the title of King's Honor, was the most downloaded by consumer spend, and the number of monthly active users. The first place was the game platform 'ROBLOX'. In addition, ROBLOX is an application with a large number of users, and at the same time it is also

the most hated application in the world .

In Japan, on the other hand, the first-person shooter game 'Apex Legends' ranked first in downloads. In terms of consumer spending, the training simulation game “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” and in terms of monthly active users, the puzzle game “Disney Tsum Tsum” each took the top spot.

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