The use time of SNS applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. is decreasing worldwide

ByJason Howie

In the two quarters of the first quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016, a report that investigated the usage time of Android users' Facebook · Snapchat · Instagram · Twitter application is a marketing companySimilarWebIt is published by. Among them, the trend of decreasing SNS usage time worldwide is clarified.

Social Media App Usage Across the Globe

People are spending much less time on social media apps, said report.

SimilarWeb's survey was conducted for nine countries in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The average time of SNS usage minutes per day is shown on the vertical axis, and it is displayed as a bar graph in which the first quarter of 2015 is orange and the first quarter of 2016 is black.

Among the four SNSs, the worldwide usage time was the shortest in Instagram, with a total decrease of 23.7%. Instagram was raging in South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States in 2015, but in both cases the use time has drastically decreased in 2016.

Twitter has also declined in all time around the world, and in 2015, in France where Twitter was the most used among the nine countries surveyed, the use time fell from Spain and the United States in 2016 It was. The rate of decrease in one year is 23.4%, it seems that users around the world have gone away from Twitter after Instagram. Because of this influence, Twitter stock price has declined 34% in one year.

Snapchat has also declined overall, with the most reduced France shrinking from an average of 21.22 minutes to 16.12 minutes. The overall reduction rate was 15.7%.

While Facebook is decreasing in use in almost all countries, only in Spain, usage time has increased slightly. The average decrease rate for each country was only 8%. Incidentally, Facebook has the smallest decline rate, the stock price has risen by 14% in one year.

The number of installations of each application in the same period (the number of terminals installing the application) has also been investigated, and the average for the nine countries has decreased by 9% in one year. However, some countries have more applications installed since the previous year. It is a remarkable example of the Instagram with the lowest use time among the nine countries, and in France, Germany, America you can see that the number of installations has increased from the previous year. However, in India it has decreased by 32%, which is 19% of Android users in India.

While the number of installments of Twitter is also increasing in France, Germany and the US, it has decreased considerably in India and shows a trend very similar to Instagram.

Snapchat has greatly varied from country to country, and in Brazil it has earned the highest 22% growth rate in the four previous year's applications. However, in South Africa, it is a 56% decrease, which is the lowest decline rate from the previous year.

Facebook with the least reduction in use time seems to have never decreased significantly across the board although the number of installations has decreased in all countries. According to CNBC, Facebook's messaging applications, WhatsApp and Messenger, have increased by 15% and 2% respectively, so cooperation with the Messenger application may have been successful.

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