People spend 80% of the top 3 most frequently used applications

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People's smartphone usage hours are increasing day by day,ComScoreAccording to June 2015, "The average time people spend on smartphones" will be as long as 70 hours except browsing. It seems that we spend as much as 90 hours of time on the application to the 18-24 age group, but investigation was conducted as to whether people are actually using many applications.

You really only use three apps on your phone - Quartz

According to comScore's survey, there are 60 apps with over 10 million users as of June 2015, which is far greater than the number of 44 in June 2014. However, because the number of popular applications has increased, it seems that the number of applications that people use does not increase.

In the survey, it turns out that the average Americans allocate half of the time to use the app to one "most used app".

This is a graph showing the time spent for people's applications. The time spent on "the most used application" is 50% of the total, the time allocated for the "second most frequently used application" is 18% of the total, and the time spent for "the third most frequently used application" is 10 %. As a whole, the time spent on "top 3 favorite applications" for each user accounts for about 80% of the total user application time.

So what applications are commonly used? Then, the answer is Facebook. It seems that the proportion of Facebook ranked in the top 3 applications frequently used by people is as high as 80%. Also, half of the people surveyed seem to have used Facebook most. Researchers at Princeton University in the United States "Facebook has only 4 years to liveI have also predicted that Facebook is still more popular.

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Of course, "the time actually spent on the application by the user" is one way to measure the popularity of the application, but it is also important how much benefit is obtained by the application. For exampleA service that allows you to easily call a hire with a smartphone "Uber"If it is, the important thing is "Do you finish work in 30 seconds?" And never "long time spent on apps" is not linked to popularity or profit. We do not conclude that "Facebook is more popular and more market share" because it spends 30 minutes on Facebook and 5 minutes on Uber.

By the end of September 2015Facebook will go down worldwideThis also happens. As shown in the map below, the status of "not connected to Facebook" centered on North America and Europe continued for 40 minutes.

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