I carefully observed the PC 'XPS 13 Plus' that was refined to the limit with the palm rest integrated track pad & touch function key

The ' XPS 13 Plus ' released by Dell for Japan in May 2022 is a PC with a very advanced appearance, such as 'touch function keys' and 'touchpad integrated with palm rest'. . Since I had the opportunity to touch such 'XPS 13 Plus', I carefully observed its characteristic appearance.

The New XPS 13 Plus Offers A Simple, Superior Sensory Experience Japan


◆ Contents
・ 1: Unpacking & accessory check
・ 2: Appearance check
・ 3: I touched the touch function key & integrated touch pad
・ 4: Detailed check of the display

◆ 1: Unpacking & accessory check
'XPS 13 Plus' arrived in a black box.

In the box, 'XPS 13 Plus' was stored in a black cloth bag.

The contents of the box look like this. From the top left, 'XPS 13 Plus' main unit, charging adapter, charging cable, USB Type-C cable for charging, conversion connector between USB Type-C and USB Type A, conversion cable between USB Type-C and audio, and explanatory documents.

◆2: Appearance check
The exterior of the 'XPS 13 Plus' is machined aluminum and has a smooth touch.

The back side looks like this. There are slits on the left and right, and rubber pads are attached on the top and bottom.

There are no buttons on the front.

There is only a hinge on the back.

It looks like this when opened. It is characterized by a very narrow space on the left and right of the display frame and keyboard. Also, the palm rest (bottom part of the keyboard) part and the trackpad part are seamlessly connected without a boundary.

There is one USB Type-C port on the left side. Also, you can see that the top of the key top and the part other than the keyboard are flat.

There is also a USB Type-C port on the right side.

The 'XPS 13 Plus' does not have an earphone jack, but it comes with a USB Type-C and audio conversion cable, so you can connect wired earphones. However, connecting earphones will fill up the USB port, which is already scarce, so it is better to prepare wireless earphones.

The dimensions of 'XPS 13 Plus' are 15.28 mm in height × 295.3 mm in width × 199.04 mm in depth, and when A4 copy paper is placed on top, the main body is barely visible.

It is almost the same size as A4 copy paper, so it can be easily stored in a bag that supports A4 documents.

The actual weight is 1235 g.

In addition, the combined weight of the charging adapter and charging cable is 1493g. When carrying 'XPS 13 Plus', you will carry the weight of about 3 plastic bottle drinks.

◆ 3: I touched the touch type function key & integrated touch pad
The keyboard of 'XPS 13 Plus' looks like this. The key layout is similar to the basic Japanese layout, except that the function keys are touch-type. However, it may take some people to get used to it because the ``application key'' that can use the same function as right click is unified to ``right Ctrl'' or ``right Alt'' does not exist. .

The width of the alphabet keys is about 19mm. Since enough width is secured, it seems that you can type comfortably if you get used to it.

At the top of 'Enter' is a power button equipped with a fingerprint authentication function.

When you turn on the power, touch-type function keys appear above the numeric keys.

By default, the touch-type function keys are lined with volume adjustment keys and brightness adjustment keys, and you can call F1 to F12 keys by pressing 'Fn' on the keyboard.

If you want to set the F1 to F12 keys to the standard state, press 'Fn' and 'Esc' at the same time.

In addition, the keyboard is equipped with a backlight, and you can switch off, on (weak), and on (strong) by pressing the backlight adjustment button in the touch function key. You can check how the brightness of the keyboard backlight is actually switched in the following movie.

How to switch the keyboard backlight of 'XPS 13 Plus' - YouTube

A motor is installed in the trackpad integrated with the palm rest, and when you push it, the motor drives and you can feel 'a clicky feeling like pressing a button'. The width of the trackpad ranges from 'no conversion' on the keyboard to 'katakana/hiragana'. You can't see the boundary between the rack pad and the palm rest, but the width is sufficiently wide, so if you aim at the center of the palm rest, you won't be able to touch the track pad but it won't respond.

◆ 4: Detailed check of the display
There are three types of 'XPS 13 Plus' displays: 1920 x 1200 pixels, 3456 x 2160 pixels, and 3840 x 2400 pixels. is installed.

The frame of the display is about 4 mm by actual measurement. Since the frame is very narrow, it seems that you can get a considerable sense of immersion if you display the video content in full screen.

It also packs a 720p camera into a fairly narrow frame, making video conferencing a breeze.

When the 'XPS 13 Plus' (left) equipped with a 1920 x 1200 pixel display and the '

VAIO SX12 ' (right) equipped with a 1920 x 1080 pixel display are arranged side by side, the 'XPS 13 Plus' displays more information. I know it can be displayed. There are many situations where you want a screen that is a little wider than full HD, such as writing, coding, and image editing, so the resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels seems to be very useful depending on the situation.

An article to verify the performance of 'XPS 13 Plus' by running various benchmarks and an article to verify heat dissipation performance will be released soon.

In addition, 'XPS 13 Plus' can be purchased by customizing the OS and hardware configuration on the following page. In the case of the minimum configuration, it can be purchased for 214,971 yen at the time of article creation.

XPS 13 Plus Laptops: Dell XPS Laptops | Dell Australia
https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell laptop/xps-13-plus-laptop/spd/xps-13-9320-laptop

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