Yandex, also known as 'Google of Russia', releases a language model 'YaLM 100B' with 100 billion parameters in open source

Yandex , Russia's largest Internet company, which is engaged in a wide range of businesses such as search engines and vehicle dispatch services and is also called 'Google in Russia', has released a large-scale language model ' YaLM 100B ' with 100 billion parameters in open source. Yandex claims that the YaLM 100B is the largest open source language model ever available for commercial use.

Yandex Publishes YaLM 100B. It's the Largest GPT-Like Neural Network in Open Source | by Mikhail Khrushchev | Yandex | Jun, 2022 | Medium

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In the AI field, large-scale language models that can generate highly accurate sentences have become an important trend, and ' GPT-3 ' developed by the non-profit organization OpenAI is famous. GPT-3 has already attracted a lot of attention, such as talking on the overseas bulletin board Reddit for a week without being noticed, and the article written by GPT-3 has emerged as the number one social news site .

On June 23, Yandex released a large-scale language model called 'YaLM 100B' in open source. The YaLM 100B is said to have trained with 1.7TB of texts, books, and other free sources over 65 days using 800 NVIDIA A100s, and the number of parameters that are variables defined by the machine learning model is It will reach 100 billion.

Mikhail Khrushchev, lead developer of the YaLM 100B, said that developing a large language model requires hundreds of millions of dollars, the best experts, and years of development time, only for cutting-edge IT companies. Pointed out that he could access this technology. However, he argued that if researchers and developers around the world do not have access to large language models, growth could slow down, saying, 'The only way to avoid this is to develop best practices. It's about sharing with the community, 'explains why the YaLM 100B was open sourced this time.

The YaLM 100B is released free of charge under an Apache 2.0 license licensed for research and commercial use, and you can access the model itself and the required materials from the GitHub page . 'The YaLM 100B is the largest GPT-like neural network freely available in English in the world,' Khrushchev said.

Yandex, like other Russian companies, has been severely hurt by the sanctions associated with Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Yandex, which is based in the Netherlands, has appealed that it will not be affected by the Russian government, and its market capitalization as of November 2021 has exceeded 30 billion dollars (about 3.45 trillion yen at the rate at that time). I did. However, when the Russian army began invading Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the stock price plummeted like other Russian companies, and the first quarter 2022 financial results also fell into the red . In June, EU sanctioned co-founder Arkady Volozh will resign as CEO.

IT giant 'Yandex', also known as 'Google in Russia', is in danger-GIGAZINE

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