Baidu, a major Chinese search engine, reports that interactive AI like ChatGPT will be released in March 2023

by Jon Russell

With the advent of the interactive AI `` ChatGPT '' that responds naturally to the entered text with human-like accuracy, it is expected that the search engine system will change significantly. It was reported that Baidu , which develops China's largest search engine, will incorporate interactive AI like ChatGPT into its main search service in March 2023.

Chinese Search Giant Baidu (9888) to Launch AI Bot Like ChatGPT Bot in March - Bloomberg

Bloomberg, an American economic newspaper, reports that Baidu plans to announce an interactive AI application like ChatGPT in March 2023, initially incorporating it into a major search service, citing an anonymous informant.

By introducing interactive AI to the search engine, the search engine will change from the conventional style of 'inputting multiple search queries (keywords) to narrow down the search results' to 'inputting the content you want to search directly as text, It is expected that the style will change to 'display the corresponding search results'. Microsoft is already considering similar efforts, and is reportedly planning to invest 1 trillion yen in OpenAI and introduce ChatGPT to its search engine Bing.

Microsoft plans to make interactive AI 'ChatGPT' accessible via Azure OpenAI soon - GIGAZINE

The new search style by interactive AI is a threat to Google, which holds the largest share in the search engine market at the time of article creation, and it is also reported that Google has declared a state of emergency (code red) for the release of ChatGPT. it was done.

With the release of ChatGPT, Google declares ``code red'' and reassigns teams to respond to the threat AI chatbots pose to the search business-GIGAZINE

Baidu is one of the companies that has been actively engaged in AI research and development for some time, such as opening an AI research and development center in California, USA in 2014. Baidu has already developed natural language processing AI, and ``Godo 2.0'' announced in 2021 has become a hot topic as an ultra-large-scale natural language processing model with 1.75 trillion parameters.

A Chinese research team announces a new AI ``Godo 2.0'', the number of parameters is 1.75 trillion, exceeding the models of Google and OpenAI-GIGAZINE

According to Bloomberg, Baidu CEO Robin Li said in an internal speech in December 2022, 'ChatGPT is one example of how tech giants can take the lead. There's so much technology we think about every day.' I am very happy that many people are interested in it.It is not easy,' he said, revealing that he is conducting research and development of interactive AI. At the same time, Lee said, ``It may be difficult to commercialize generative AI that automatically generates text and images and make it a product that everyone needs.''

Bloomberg asked Baidu about research and development of interactive AI, but a Baidu spokesperson declined to comment.

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