``ChatGPT can destroy Google in two years,'' warned Gmail's creator

Paul Buchheit, who invented Gmail and led the development, said, ``ChatGPT, an interactive AI, may destroy Google in a year or two.'' Buchheit believes ChatGPT will eliminate Google's most profitable product: its search engine.

ChatGPT can “destroy” Google in two years, says Gmail creator |

OpenAI, an AI research group, announced in November 2022 ChatGPT is an interactive AI based on a model derived from GPT-3, a natural language processing model. will return comments.

Interactive AI such as ChatGPT is expected to create a new style of search engine that ``directly enter the content you want to search as text and display the corresponding search results in natural conversational sentences''. It was also reported that ChatGPT was a threat to Google, which continued to hold the top share of the search engine market, and that Google executives declared a state of emergency (code red) against the release of ChatGPT.

With the release of ChatGPT, Google declares ``code red'' and reassigns teams to respond to the threat AI chatbots pose to the search business-GIGAZINE

Buchheit said, ``Google may be completely destroyed in a year or two. The search results page that Google would be most profitable may be lost by ChatGPT.Even if Google Even if they catch up with AI, they can't fully deploy it without destroying the most valuable part of their business!'

Furthermore, Mr. Buchheit mentioned the yellow pages of telephone directories, which were used as a matter of course before the spread of the Internet. Yellow pages were once praised as a great business, but with the spread of the Internet and Google search becoming commonplace, he said that no one used yellow pages anymore, and AI is now used for web search in a similar way. I warn you that you are doing

However, ChatGPT does not consider the accuracy of the content of the answer, just that the sentence structure and expression are natural with human-like accuracy. Therefore, depending on the question, the answer may be completely different or incoherent, and it may be a long time before it becomes practical as a search engine.

In addition, in order to compete with ChatGPT, Google itself is developing a demo of a new search engine that incorporates interactive AI, and Google's annual conference for developers to be held in 2023 'Google I / O 2023 'It is rumored that many AI products will be announced.

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