ChatGPT Release Declares Google “Code Red”, Reassigns Team to Respond to Threat AI Chatbots Posed to Search Business


ChatGPT ' announced by AI development group OpenAI is based on 'GPT-3.5' which is an evolutionary system of ' GPT-3 ' of natural language processing model. It will answer with high precision sentences that can not be distinguished. With the advent of such ChatGPT, it is reported that Google's management, which has the world's largest search engine with the largest number of users, has declared `` Code Red '', warning of a serious threat to the business.

ChatGPT and Other Chat Bots Are a 'Code Red' for Google Search - The New York Times

Google at 'code red' over ChatGPT, plans competing AI products

ChatGPT can provide information in clear and simple sentences instead of a list of links on the internet. Unlike search engines such as Google, which simply arranges search results, ChatGPT's main feature is that it can explain concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Ask about business strategies, Christmas gift choices, blog topics, vacation plans, and more, and ChatGPT will provide natural-sounding suggestions.

Of course, ChatGPT specializes in writing human-like sentences, and does not necessarily understand the content and reasoning of dialogue, so it has the drawback of ``speaking the wrong content plausibly'', and there is still room for improvement. I have. However, according to the New York Times, Google's management decided to declare 'Code Red'.

For over 20 years, Google's search engine has served as the primary gateway to the Internet around the world. A Google executive fears that ChatGPT is a reinvention of the traditional search engine, a technological breakthrough that could upend Google's search business.

According to memos and audio recordings obtained by The New York Times, Google CEO Sundar Pichai attended a meeting to define Google's AI strategy and announced that it had formed an internal group to respond to the threat posed by ChatGPT. They reorganized a part of the company and suddenly changed the contents of their business. Furthermore, it seems that the development of image generation AI like OpenAI's DALL E was also imposed on employees.

Google has also started developing conversational AI like ChatGPT, and has already announced a model called LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). This LaMDA was able to talk to humans with the same high accuracy as ChatGPT, so a Google engineer claimed that `` AI has grown consciousness '' and was dismissed after receiving a leave of absence recommendation.

A Google engineer who claimed that ``AI has grown consciousness'' will be fired-GIGAZINE

However, the New York Times says that Google is reluctant to deploy LaMDA as a new UI for search engines. This is because the search engine is an important advertising space for Google, and a search system using interactive AI is not suitable for the distribution of digital advertising, which accounts for more than 80% of Google's revenue. Yahoo! and Amr Awadara, a former Google engineer and CEO of vectara , which develops a search engine based on neural networks, said, 'Google has a problem with its business model. If you give the answer, the ad will stop being clicked.'

In addition, since interactive AI learns from the huge amount of data posted on the Internet, it may absorb discrimination and prejudice as it is, and may utter harmful words, including hate speech. This could lead to a backlash against Google and severely damage the corporate brand it has spent decades building.

However, one Google executive said, ``I wouldn't worry too much about small companies releasing tools like this, but if Google doesn't jump into this AI development war, the industry will evolve beyond Google. I will continue,' he said.

Margaret Mitchell, a former AI researcher at Microsoft and Google who works for the online AI platform Hugging Face , said, 'Google Search is pretty conservative, so they don't want to screw up a working system. Rather than overhauling the engine, we will continue to adopt the approach of incorporating conversational AI technology while improving it step by step.'

Sridhar Ramaswami, CEO of AI search engine developer Neeva and former manager of Google's advertising department, said, ``I used to be disappointed that it would be difficult to break the market share that Google holds firmly. However, the moment a new technology like ChatGPT is born, there will be more opportunities for competition,' he said, saying that the emergence of ChatGPT will be the key to breaking down Google's stronghold.

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