Google's old article 'Our search results can not be bought with money' was unearthed and became a hot topic


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Google has a large share of the search and advertising market, as is the word 'google ' for searching and searching on Google, but it is often criticized as anti-competitive in recent years. It has been pointed out that Google has found old articles that claim how honest its search service is to users, and that it may be significantly different from the way Google searches in recent years.

Why you can buy ad placements but not search result rankings – Google

Adrian Krebs, co-founder of LOORIA, a service that analyzes fake reviews on the Internet, said on February 1, 2022, 'I found something interesting. This Google article is on top of search results. We criticize the way Google's competitors used to show ads . Previously, Google only showed ads to the right of search results. '

Google's article, with screenshots by Krebs, states that Google search doesn't allow advertisers to pay to give their products or services an edge in search results. On the other hand, the article states, 'Ads displayed on Google are clearly stated to be ads and are displayed in a place that is different from the actual search results. Advertisers can pay more to pay more. You can place your ad in a more prominent place in your ad area, but no one can improve your ranking in search results, no matter how much you pay. '

However, contrary to Google's claim at the time, ads are displayed at the top of the search results at the time of article creation. Although it does say 'advertisement,' the ad area isn't color-coded or framed, so it's possible to mistake search results for ads.

It's unclear when it was published because the Google article mentioned above doesn't date it, but

at least earlier, as a search on the Wayback Machine provided by the Internet Archive dates back to December 2015. You can see that it is an old article published in.

Mr. Krebs' tweet received 105 retweets and 242 likes at the time of writing the article, and the thread of the social news site Hacker News that featured the tweet has 139 at the time of writing the article. Comments have been received and lively discussions are taking place.

For example, one Hacker News user wrote a paper by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin when he was a student: (PDF file) The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine. 'In general, from the consumer's point of view, the better the search engine, the less ads consumers need to find what they want. Of course, the existing ones. It erodes the business model supported by search engine advertisements, 'suggesting that there is a difference between Google's philosophy at the time of its establishment and the current attitude of Google search.

He also criticized more straightforwardly, 'It's an old story. Google's original motto was'Don't be evil ', but it was withdrawn a few years later.' There is also a write to do.

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On the other hand, 'Google's article doesn't say anything about what Krebs claimed. Given the environment surrounding the search market at the time, the original article was clearly not about the layout of search results. , based on the payment organic search and the thing mentioned about what sort the results ' post to point out there was also.

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