Summarizes the procedure for extracting oil from Honda's small generator 'EU26iJ', and introduces items that are extremely convenient for oil removal work

When storing the generator without using it for a long period of time, it is necessary to remove all the oil remaining in the generator. The work of draining oil from this generator involves troublesome processes such as 'lifting a heavy generator' and 'cleaning a workplace dirty with oil', but by preparing some tools, the work process can be done. Simplification is possible. This time, I tried to extract the oil of Honda's small generator '

EU26iJ ' while using convenient items.

Honda | Launched 'EU26iJ', a handheld generator equipped with a newly developed engine

A very convenient item for draining oil from the generator is the 'steel rack large enough to hold the generator'. The convenient points of the steel rack will be explained in the process of actually draining the oil.

In addition to the steel rack, we also prepared parts cleaners and screwdrivers, waste oil storage containers, basins to receive waste oil, funnels, and paper towels for cleaning. Parts cleaners are available at home improvement stores, car supplies stores, and

online shops . We recommend using a parts cleaner that can be used upside down.

Remove the engine cover to drain the oil.

The EU26iJ oil filler port is located in the red frame.

First, remove the refueling cap.

Next, place a basin that receives the oil under the steel rack, place the generator on the steel rack, and slowly tilt the generator to drain the oil. It is necessary to keep lifting the generator when draining oil to the basin, but since the steel rack can adjust the position of the shelf according to the height of the basin, oil can be drained simply by tilting without lifting the generator. increase.

In addition, since there are many gaps in the steel rack, the oil adhering to the steel rack can easily fall down, preventing the situation where the workplace is covered with oil.

A protrusion was provided near the oil filler port of EU26iJ to prevent oil from entering the aircraft.

After draining all the oil, it's time for the parts cleaner.

First, wipe off the oil adhering to the refueling cap with a parts cleaner.

Next, attach the refueling cap and wipe off the oil around the refueling port. At this time, by working with the generator placed on the steel rack, you can prevent the oil from spreading to the floor.

After cleaning the area around the fuel filler port, attach the cover.

Next, wipe off the oil on the steel rack. Placing an oil basin underneath will prevent the floor from getting dirty.

After cleaning up to this point, transfer the oil from the basin to the waste liquid container.

Wipe off the oil remaining on the basin with a parts cleaner.

Just wipe it off until the paper towel is clean.

Finally, wipe off the oil adhering to the funnel to complete the oil removal work.

It is convenient to put a label on the waste liquid container so that it can be easily identified.

The working time this time was about 30 minutes including the shooting time. By using a steel rack, you can save the troublesome process of 'keeping the heavy generator up for a long time' and 'cleaning the oil-stained workplace', so when you buy a generator, you also buy a steel rack of the right size at the same time. Is recommended.

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