"Airsis MC-SXD 410" which has reached the level and commitment that it can be thought that a vacuum cleaner demon must have made

The masterpiece of a vacuum cleaner that SANYO ever created "airsis SC-XD 4000"Review of the price. ComBut, "With this product you can no longer use other vacuum cleaners" "It feels good to have gaps and horns, so cleaning gets fun." "It's about a month actually in use, but I am very satisfied." "Immediately It was a model that had been highly praised as "It is buying!", But it was discontinued due to the fact that the company was absorbed by Panasonic. However, it is not certain whether it is due to too much popularity, but also from the Panasonic brand "Airsis MC - SXD 410 - W"Version up model which raised energy saving performance etc. has been released, and it seems that reputation is good as well as old model. So, we decided to purchase the real thing and check the actual ability of this vacuum cleaner that has overcome even the ruin of industry reorganization.

◆ Photo review

The package looks something like this.

It is wrapped around cushioning material and plastic bag and parts of vacuum cleaner are contained.

The contents are as follows.

The main body size is depth 28 × width 34.7 × height 24 cm, weight is about 4.8 kg.

Looking from the front like this.


Looking from the top it looks like this.

On the bottom is a large rear wheel and a front wheel that rotates 360 degrees, and the ease of handling is quite normal level.

There is also a handle to use for carrying, so far it is an ordinary vacuum cleaner level.

Pulling the cord looks like this. It is about 420 centimeters in length and can be covered with difficulty if the size of a typical Japanese room. In addition, because the cord withdrawal port is attached to the top rather than the bottom of the main body, it is convenient for the bending distance to become a little short. Although it is a very small difference, it is a part that greatly affects usability when it is used for many years because it is an action to be repeated many times.

When this button is pushed, it is possible to wind up the cord on the main body. The editorial department uses the old model for more than three years, but the ability to wind up is neither working nor working properly.

◆ I tried using

The appearance that a man of about 180 cm tall is using is like this. By the way, since the operation sound is relatively large, it is cautionful for those who frequently clean up at night.

The biggest feature of this product is that it can change the angle of the head smoothly simply by lightly moving the handle of the nozzle, for example, if there is a place where the head does not enter such as the gap between the furniture and the wall ... ....

If you twist the part that you have at hand, "Kuruntsu" and the head stand up, so if you move it just like normal you can absorb the garbage. In addition, since this part seems to be a place where breakdown is likely to occur as it makes a three-dimensional movement despite the burden, be careful not to hit the head strongly against the wall when cleaning We recommend you do.

Please check in the movie below to see how you actually use the head to rotate.

I tried rotating the nozzle of "Airsis MC-SXD410-W" - YouTube

Also, since the tip of the head gets "Pitt" at the corner of the wall, the dust falling in the corner of the room can be absorbed quickly.

The way the movie sucks all the scattered garbage on the floor is seen in the following movie.

Check suction power of "Airsis MC-SXD410-W" - YouTube

Please check below for a movie that inhales one trash that actually dropped in the corner of the room.

I tried to see if "Airsis MC-SXD 410-W" really sucks trash in the corner of the room - YouTube

In addition, since the cushion is attached to the side of the head hitting the wall, it seems that it will not scratch it even if you handle it somewhat roughly.

As for the exhaust during cleaning, it does not wind up the chill that fell to the floor because it is designed to blow upward rather than downward.

Furthermore, regarding the dust that will inevitably rise inside the room, it seems that it will clean up the dust that soared in the room just by pushing the button that activates the air cleaning function after cleaning.

After cleaning is finished, first remove the filter from the main body.

"Pakkato" Then open the case ... ....

It is OK if you throw trash. It is clean because there is no need to touch dust and dust.

If you want to wipe wet with a vacuum cleaner "Quick Le Wiper Wet SeatPrepare and place on the floor.

Put the head on it ... ....

When you press the "attach" button at hand, the installation is completed automatically.

The state of wearing the seat in a moment is included in the following movie.

Wet sheet for wet cleaning is attached to "Airsis MC-SXD 410-W" - YouTube

From the bottom you can see that the wet sheet is wrapped around the roller.

Actually, it can be seen in the following movie that the regular vacuum cleaner cleans the dirt that caught on the floor that is difficult to remove by wet wiping.

I tried using the wetness wiping function of "Airsis MC - SXD 410 - W" - YouTube

After use, when you press "Remove" button, the wet sheet is sucked in automatically, it is stored in the same place where ordinary dust collects, so just throw it away OK.

If you use it for a while, fine dust will accumulate on the filter, but if this cleaning is troublesome you can use tissue paper instead of an additional disposable filter.

Put the paper like this ... ....

If you close "pattern" OK.

Garbage collects on the tissue, so after cleaning it we round it and throw it away.

When you open the front, the filter is included.

The inhaled garbage collects in this part.

The filter part looks something like this. There is no need to install paper packs.

If the filter gets dirty, rub it with the supplied brush and drop the dust OK.

ULPA ring filter "also adopted for the clean room cleaner of the semiconductor factory and the function of attracting and capturing fine dust particles with a negatively charged charging layer,Almost 100% of fine particles of 0.08 micrometer or more can be captured. It seems that mite hun and cedar pollen naturally do not miss if finer mold spores and bacteria are inhaled once.

The size of particles that can be trapped is compared with the company's paper pack type vacuum cleaner as follows and you can see that it can truly catch up fine garbage in exactly an order of magnitude.

Panasonic Air Case MC-SXD 410 - W: 0.08 micrometer
Panasonic paper pack vacuum cleaner: 0.5 micrometer

In addition, since the "dust removal function" which automatically removes waste attached to the dust box after powering off the vacuum cleaner is performed, it sounds like "Geegey", but it is not a malfunction. So, please check the movie below to see how it actually works.

Automatic dust box cleaning function of "Airsis MC-SXD410-W" - YouTube

The head part that absorbs garbage is as follows.

On the back side there is a brush roller for sucking while trashing garbage.

Also included is a dedicated head that is used when putting a vacuum cleaner on futon.

The uneven roller is attached to the back side, so it is possible to suck up garbage while preventing sheets from getting stuck by sucking sheets etc. by moderate creation of gaps.

A pipe connecting the head and the body looks like this.

It has a brush-like attachment used for cleaning window sashes.

It becomes like this when attaching an attachment.

When you press the button ... ....

It is possible to extend the pipe.

A bellows-like tube connecting the main body and the pipe.

Brush head is included here as well.

As it turns "Kuru" it gets to fit at the tip, so it can be used to clean small areas such as the corner of the desk.

You can turn on / off the power supply, adjust the strength, etc. with the switch at hand.

The connection part with the vacuum cleaner body looks like this.

Since it will become possible to catch a nozzle when you stand the main body ... ....

It can be compactly stored as follows.

That's why it is recommended for those who do not want quietness very much, but have strong suction power and want to wipe the flooring while wearing a person who does not want to scratch any fine things, or wipe the vacuum cleaner.

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