I tried using a fully automatic floor cleaning robot cleaner 'Laurin MC-RM10' that can be mounted a commercial cleaning sheet

By wiping, water, wipe from the floor, me wipe also dirty, such as not Suitore a vacuum cleaner, such as juice and caked sebum spilled, Panasonic of robot vacuum cleaner 'Laurent' is January 20, 2019 (the day Appeared in). Floor cleaning robots already have advanced products, but Laurent is not a unique cleaning sheet, and it is easy to obtain because it can use a quick-wiper on the market, so we tried it actually because it was easy to get it on and off. .

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◆ I opened it
Laurent MC-RM10 arrives at the editorial department.

Inside was a Laurent body, a charging adapter, a dedicated seat pad, a dedicated mop, and a manual.

The Laurent body has a simple design like this on a white background. The area around removable parts is painted blue.

The size is 240 mm wide × 243 mm deep, and there is such a difference when A4 copy paper is stacked sideways.

The height is 80mm, slightly lower than the long side of the traffic IC card.

The operation part of the top surface has a power button and a 'sheet removal button' that automatically removes the quick wiper, a 'sheet wrap button' for mounting the quick wiper, and a 'dry mode button' for wiping function using a mop, There are 4 buttons of 'wet mode button' of water wiping function using mop. There is no remote control, so remote control is not possible.

The front is equipped with a bumper, which acts as a cushion when colliding during cleaning.

There is a sensor on the front. Furniture and the like will be avoided before the collision using sensors.

Sensors are also mounted on the side.

There was a connector hole for charging on the back.

Insert the included charging adapter into the outlet ......

Plug the charging adapter into the connector on the main unit.

The appearance while charging is like this. There is no such thing as a charging station or a dock seen with a robot vacuum cleaner, so when charging it is necessary to plug in the plug manually.

Here is the back of Laurent: Two tires can be seen with a 'mop roller' for attaching a special mop and a special pad for seat. A nickel battery is set between the two tires. As the battery life approaches, you can remove the nickel battery and replace it yourself.

There was a fountain in front of the bottom. The water is squirted from here, and the mop is wetted and wiped with water.

The bottom is equipped with four anti-drop sensors to detect steps of 10 cm or more and prevent falling.

The mop roller is like this, and is equipped with the body.

When a special mop is attached to the mop roller, cleaning is possible with 'Wipe mode' and 'Water wipe mode'. Attach the seat-specific pad to the mop roller, and wind the optional Quickle Wiper around the seat-specific pad to enable 'wipe'.

◆ I tried actually
I will try to actually clean the editorial section using a special mop that can be washed and reused. Remove the water supply tank from the top side. If you lift from above and below with your fingers ...

The water tank could be removed. The black part is the connection part with the main body and doubles as the water tank lid.

To refill the water tank, open the lid ...

We pour tap water of normal temperature.

Close the lid on the water tank and push it into the main unit to use the 'Wipe mode'. There is no need to supply water in 'Wipe mode' or 'Seat wipe mode' using Quickle wiper.

Attach the special mop to the mop roller. The exclusive mop looks like a yellow zodiac.

The other side looks like this, and it has a brushed

surface fastener .

To remove the mop roller, push in the 'mop roller removal button' on the side of the Rollan body ...

Pull out the mop roller with your finger.

Set a dedicated mop so that it is horizontal under the blue 'sheet winding brush' of the mop roller.

Wrap a special mop around the whole ......

Like this, paste the special mop so as not to overlap the sheet winding brush.

Preparation is OK if the mop roller is inserted into the roller body.

Since it takes 20 seconds to start up, it does not start to move at the moment the button is pressed like a robot vacuum cleaner, and will wait for a while. You can see the launch of Laurent from the following movie.

Floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner 'Rollan' (Rollan) MC-RM10 at startup like this-YouTube

Press the button on the upper right of the operation unit to start cleaning in 'Wipe mode'.

You can check Laurent running in the editorial section with the following movie.

We had floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner 'Rollan' (Rollan) MC-RM10 wipe the floor with water-YouTube

The floor after the water was wiped by Laurent was slightly wet, and I felt like I was wiping it with a strong squeeze. However, floor heating installation floor, white wood floor, non-water resistant floor, carpet, rug, mat, tatami mat, floor covered with wax thick, mirror-like floor, dark floor is not available. You should not worry if it is a general flooring home, but if you think you're going to use it for a home that's a little hardwood, you need to check in advance if there are any problems.

Lauren says that while cleaning the floor, rotating the mop roller always keeps the clean side of the mop on the floor. If you keep wiping the floor on the same side after wiping the dirt, the dirt may expand, but with Laurent such concerns are useless.

The special mop after cleaning became like this. Dirt adheres to the entire surface of the special mop or thanks to the rotation function of the mop roller. The floor of the editorial department should be cleaned by Roomba every day, but it seems that it catches dirt that can not be cleaned by Roomba that sucks and cleans.

After cleaning, remove the special mop and wash with water. It was necessary to pick up the rubbish one by one in order to get rid of it whether it was entangled with rubbish.

Dry in a well-ventilated place.

Laurent is not suitable for use with highly viscous seasonings such as ketchup, mayonnaise and sauces, and for wiping oils such as salad oil and olive oil. If something is spilled, it seems that you need to wipe it manually, without leaving Laurent.

I tried using at home
To try it at home of the editorial staff actually. Try using it in the same way as the water wiping mode.

You can see the time-lapse filming where Lauren is cleaning his home with the following movie. I can clearly see that Lauren cleans the floor to every corner.

I took a time-lapse shot of the floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner 'Rollan' MC-RM 10 cleaning the home-YouTube

Laurent detects the steps of the entrance well and avoids me properly.

However, it was stuck on the step of the window frame, and it might become impossible to move.

This is what a dedicated mop has cleaned her home. Whether the floor area was small and the cleaning time was short, the dust was only attached to part of the mop.

Roomba 642 should clean this room also every day, but after all it is said that there was only a lot of dirt that could not be absorbed by the vacuum cleaner.

◆ I tried using the sheet wiping mode
In addition to the mop mode, Laurent has a mode that cleans by installing a

quickle wiper .

Attach the seat-specific pad to the mop roller and set it on the body.

Press the sheet winding button, put the main body on the quick le wiper when the 'beep' sound is heard, and press the sheet winding button again. You can check how the quickle wiper is actually attached to Laurent in the following movie.

Floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner 'Rollan (Roran)' MC-RM10 wraps the quickle wiper with one button-YouTube

Wrap the quick le wiper and press the sheet wrap button to start 'Wipe sheet'. Unlike wiping with a special mop, the sheet wiping does not have the function of adjusting the rotation of the mop roller, and there is a possibility that the floor may be wiped again with the dirty surface of the sheet.

Instead, there is a 'sheet removal function' that can be dumped in the trash without touching the used Quickle wiper. You can see in the movie below how the Quickle Wiper is being thrown away using the sheet removal function.

Where floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner 'Rollan (Rorun)' MC-RM10 automatically removes the cleaned Quickle wiper-YouTube

By the way, it may fail to remove Quickle Wiper. Even if it fails, if you push the sheet removal button again, it succeeded in removing properly. The following movie will give you a good idea of what happens if you fail to remove the quickle wiper.

The floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner 'Rollan (Rorun)' MC-RM10 has failed in the removal of quickle wiper-YouTube

When I wiped the floor of the editorial department with the Quickle wiper, I got a lot of dirt. Because it is troublesome to handwash the special mop every time, it will be possible to wipe the floor quite easily by using the Quickle Wiper.

Floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner 'Lauran' MC-RM10 can be purchased from Amazon.co.jp or

Panasonic official mail order site . At the time of the article publication, the price with Amazon.co.jp was tax-included 46,850 yen.

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