Review Anker's first robotic vacuum cleaner "RoboVac 10" that you can buy on the 20,000-yen scale for a week

With 2000 yen rangeUltra small light weight mobile battery of 10000 mAhAnker, which sells, etc., announced entry into the home appliance business,Cordless cyclone vacuum cleanerYaUltrasonic aroma humidifierWe have started selling 4 products such as. One of them, Anker's first robotic vacuum cleanerRoboVac 10"Arrived at the editorial department of GIGAZINE, I tried to check the power of a robotic vacuum cleaner that I can buy at the 20,000 yen unit at home for about one week.

Anker | RoboVac 10 | Black

You can see how RoboVac 10 automatically cleans the room by looking at the following movie.

Clean room with carpet with Anker's robot vacuum cleaner "RoboVac 10" - YouTube

RoboVac 10 arrived in such a box.

When opening it, there was a round body and a charging station etc inside.

The contents are as follows. A protective sheet is affixed to the body of RoboVac 10.

When you peel off the sheet of RoboVac 10, there is no cheap feeling with a design with a white border attached to a shiny black body.

There is a button written "AUTO" at the top of the main unit, it is also possible to start cleaning on the main unit.

At the bottom of the main unit is "Anker" logo.

A dust container is stored just under the logo ... ...

You can pull out by pulling while pushing the button in the knob.

The dust container is made of translucent plastic that you can see how much garbage is accumulated at a glance.

You can open it casually and discard the contents in the trash box as it is.

The filter cover can be opened by pulling the knob strongly.

WhileHEPAIf the filter is attached and it gets dirty it will be ok if you exchange it with the included spare.

From the other side of the dust container, the side brush that rotates and scrapes the rubbish is stretched.

The power button is on the side, and it becomes usable if you turn on the switch.

It turns like this, and there are a rotating wheel and a fall prevention sensor that change the direction between the two side brushes. The garbage collected by the side brush is sucked into the central yellow rotating brush and is going to enter the dust container.

In addition to the main body remote control

charging station

2 spare rotating brushes, 1 HEPA filter, 1 cleaning brush

Instructions for Japanese language are bundled.

I set RoboVac 10 in the charging station.

When charging is in progress, the AUTO button lights up in orange. It lights up in green during operation.

You can start automatic cleaning by pressing the AUTO button by hand or pressing the start button on the remote control.

Comparison with Rumba 654 (Standard model)
It is the standard model of Rumba which is the forerunner of robot vacuum cleaner "Rumba 654I will compare it with. RoboVac 10 is slightly smaller than the Rumba 654.

RoboVac 10 has two side brushes, but the inlet is smaller than the Rumba 654.

The dumb box of Rumba 654 can not be opened, but the dust container of RoboVac 10 is open and it is easy to clean the inside.

Comparing the specifications of RoboVac 10 and Rumba 654, "automatic charging function" and "scheduling function" are common. Rumba 654 also has "garbage sensor", "virtual wall mode", "dirt detect mode" etc, but compared with Rumba 654 with 53,820 yen including tax, the price of RoboVac 10 is halved at 25,100 yen including tax Less than. "Rumba entry model with no scheduling function"Rumba 622But since the price is 50,220 yen including tax, RoboVac 10 seems to be said to have the lowest price but the minimum function.

◆ I actually used it for a week
So, in order to ascertain how much cleaning ability actually is, I brought it home and tried it for a week. Basically it is mostly operated by using the remote control, you can start and stop with the "play / stop" button in the middle. You can set the schedule at the time you want to clean by pressing "Plan". The bottom three buttons are "Spot mode" at the left end, "Return to charging station" in the middle, "Edge mode" at the right end.

In fact, you can see how RoboVac 10 is cleaning in auto mode from the following movie.

Anker's Robot Vacuum Cleaner "RoboVac 10" is cleaning it - YouTube

Actually used, although the suction power is perfect, the operation sound is quiet and quiet, unless it is midnight it seems that it will not be a problem even if it is used at night in a multi-family residence. Since it moves at random, there are times when we clean up the same area, but if we set schedule setting etc., it seems to be problematic because we were able to clean well during the absence. It also detects obstacles firmly, there is no strong crash against sofa's legs, chests, etc, and cleaning is carried out while avoiding it.

Since the body was slim, I was able to enter the underworld under the TV table which is difficult to clean.

In the AUTO mode of RoboVac 10, it seems like cleaning it by switching to "along the wall" after cleaning for a while, but by switching the cleaning mode with the controller, focusing on the area of ​​concern Also possible. You can see from the following movie what happens when you operate "spot mode" which rotates and cleans the same area.

Anker's Robot Vacuum Cleaner 'RoboVac 10' 'Spot Mode' - YouTube

Garbage is easy to accumulate on corners and walls, but the state of "edge mode" which intensively cleans walls and corners is included in the movie.

"Edge mode" of Anker's robot vacuum cleaner "RoboVac 10" - YouTube

Furthermore, if a cord such as a power strip is hanging on the floor like this ...

I breathe in and sniff the cord. However, cleaning in RoboVac 10 can be done with confidence if it removes anything that is caught in the space to be cleaned in advance.

Also, because there is no virtual wall like rumba, I'm worried about falling down from the stairs etc. and getting out of order, but the fall prevention sensor seems to be problematic because it is quite powerful. You can check how the head is actually detected on the desk by cleaning it on the following movie.

Anker's Robot Vacuum Cleaner "RoboVac 10" Detects Head Facing - YouTube

However, there are many times when you can not detect the low drop, and when you came home there were a lot of things that you can not escape from the steps of the entrance and you are hooked on the rails of the window side. In this regard, when RoboVac 10 operates it is necessary to keep the door closed so that it can not go to the entrance.

The RoboVac 10 can operate for 100 minutes after the battery is full. When the battery is about to disappear during cleaning, the function that will automatically return to the charging station is carried. Care should be taken that it is necessary to open up the width a bit because RoboVac 10 could not come back when installing the charging station on the wall.

In addition, you can manually return RoboVac 10 to the charging station even if you press the button on the remote control. The way the RoboVac 10 actually returns to the charging station can be seen from the following movie.

Anker's Robot Vacuum Cleaner "RoboVac 10" Returns to the Charging Station - YouTube

In a room laying carpet, there was sometimes get caught where the edge was swinging, but I was able to clean both flooring and carpet with little problem. You can see how you are cleaning in a carpeted room from the following movies.

Clean room with carpet with Anker's robot vacuum cleaner "RoboVac 10" - YouTube

I cleaned up with RoboVac 10 for 1 week once a day, and I was surprised that I could clean more dust than expected. The suction power is satisfactory and it gathers dust at places where it is difficult to clean normally, so almost no dust and hair falling on the floor almost disappeared. ※ You can see images without mosaic by clicking.

In addition, when you use it for a while, the hair etc may be wrapped around the rotating brush of the main unit, but it is easy to clean. Puff up the yellow border of the rotating brush ... ...

If you pull it, you can take out the rotating brush. If you cut the wrapped hair with scissors etc. it will be able to be sucked in with a vacuum cleaner.

So, RoboVac 10 has sufficient cleaning capability as a robot cleaner of about 25,000 yen, and it is attractive that you can schedule the cleaning so you can clean it while you are out. Although it can not detect rubbish like rumba or clean it efficiently, it is an impression that I got rid of mostly large garbage that I could see. As an entry model to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner for the first time, you should be able to feel high cost performance. In addition, RoboVac 10 can be purchased at Amazon, and the price at the time of article creation is 25,100 yen including tax. Anker RoboVac 10 (Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot) 【3 cleaning modes / with automatic charging function / dedicated remote control & amp; charger station included】: Home electronics / camera

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