I tried using Anker's second robot vacuum cleaner "RoboVac 20" with less than 30,000 yen and equipped with seven cleaning modes

Anker is "home appliance brand"Eufy (Yuffy)"The first product is appearing at once. Anker was the first robotic vacuum cleaner in June 2016 "RoboVac 10Although I just issued a new robot vacuum cleaner "RoboVac 20"That was released, so I tried it with actual machine to see what is different from the previous model, how to use it.

RoboVac 20 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot - j.eufylife

You can actually see how RoboVac 20 is cleaning in "automatic mode" and where the invisible walls are working from the following movies.

Automatic cleaning with Anker's new robotic vacuum cleaner "RoboVac 20" will look like this - YouTube

RoboVac 20 is in a cardboard - like box.

When opening the lid it looks like this.

There are two RoboVac 20 main body · charging stand and AC adapter · sonic wall · remote control · side brush for replacement inside.

Unlike Anker so far, things that were thick were contained in the instructions. It is written in both English and Japanese.

The main body of RoboVac 20 is a black-based robotic vacuum cleaner, with a control button that can be operated by touching the surface.

From the left, the button is "Vacuum (on / off of suction fan)" "Home (return to charging station)" "cleaning switch" "Timer (selection of cleaning time)" "Collision Avoidance" is. Numbers represent cleaning time or cleaning mode.

By using the remote control it is possible to switch between 7 different cleaning modes.

The bumper is attached to the front, and absorbs the shock even if it hits something.

The mesh side has sensors to detect obstacles and steps.

Hold down the front button written "eufy" and pull it ... ...

It is possible to remove the dust container.

You can throw away the garbage inside by opening it with such a feeling.

The biggest difference from the previous model is that "Sonic Wall" that creates an invisible wall is attached.

Since rechargeable batteries are included, it can be used repeatedly as many times as needed.

The charge stand of the previous model was pretty simple, but the charging stand of RoboVac 20 has a liquid crystal screen and buttons.

If you set the time and day of the week, you can schedule it and clean it. Although there is a feeling of upgrading with a liquid crystal screen etc, the overall making is a little toycha-like impression.

When the slide switch on the back was moved, the terminal jumped out.

This is a terminal for charging the Sonic Wall, it will be connected and charged as below.

The remote control looks something like this.

There is also a remote control stand in the charging stand.

◆ I compared "RoboVac 20" with the previous model "RoboVac 10"
When you look at RoboVac 20 and RoboVac 10 side by side, you can see that RoboVac 20 is one size larger. Although the former model has only one button, RoboVac 20 has a button that can be operated finely.

The position of the wheel and the structure of the rotating brush are also changed on the back side. In RoboVac 20, the number of brushed brushed brushes is also 4, so you can expect better cleaning ability than the previous model.

Although the dust container was also renewed, this is a regrettable place that the front model is easier to throw away dirt and wash. It seems that the amount of garbage is about the same.

In the previous model, the cleaning mode was only "automatic mode", "spot mode", "edge mode", but RoboVac 20 has seven different cleaning modes. You can see how you actually switch between 7 different cleaning modes from the following movies. The magnitude of the operation sound can also be confirmed from the movie.

Seven cleaning modes of Anker's new robotic vacuum cleaner "RoboVac 20" - YouTube

Automatic mode switches all cleaning modes flexibly and performs cleaning. Basically this is not a problem if you leave it alone.

Free mode goes straight until it hits an obstacle, then turns around at random.

Switching in spot mode such as where it is dirty, I intensively clean it while turning around the place.

When it is set to edge mode, it will clean the wall side slowly.

Zigzag mode will move from the wall to the wall and clean it to cleanse it. In automatic mode etc., movement may be random, and the place to clean may be biased, but in zigzag mode it is possible to clean the entire floor without leaving it.

In polygon mode, cleaning is performed while rotating as if to draw a pentagon. This is a mysterious place as to what kind of scene it is suitable for.

In the manual mode, you can move the RoboVac 20 freely according to the direction key on the remote control to clean it. You can clean the radio control like a pilot.

Actually using it as a cuckoo, the sensor that detects the obstacle was an impression that was strengthened than the previous model, and it was avoided by a cat-like movement that surprised when it struck the walls and chair's feet. Although the operation sound was quieter in the previous model, RoboVac 20 seems to be problematic because it is not too noisy. By adding the cleaning mode to seven types, it became possible to sweep the part which was worrisome when RoboVac 20 was cleaning, but it may be that he got lost due to too many choices .

The previous model was designed to be usable by anyone because there were only three cleaning modes including the automatic mode, but in order to master RoboVac 20 unless you understand "what mode will move" Since it is not, ant possibility of confusing if presenting to people who are weak to the machine ants. However, in automatic mode it will automatically clean all the modes and clean them, so it should clean like "itchy place" than the previous model. If you have a previous model, I think that it is unnecessary to replace it, but the price is affordable as much as 29,800 yen including tax, so if you are interested in robot cleaners buying it seems not to be damaged.

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