Cleaning robot "Rumba" is a mind brain, smart handling possible & Camera mounted "Roomba 980" reviewing the shape of the room and the position of the furniture and cleaning became possible

In addition to being able to operate from smartphones, it was also possible to efficiently clean every corner of the room by creating a map from the shape of the room and the position of the furniture with the camera installed in a fully automated vacuum cleaner "Rumba 980"is. Maximum suction power is 10 times so far, it seems that the mode was automatically optimized depending on the material of the floor or it evolved considerably from the previous model, so I tried to check the power actually used.

I Robot Rumba 980 | iRobot Robot Vacuum Cleaner Rumba Official Site

You can check how the new model 'Rumba 980' moves in the room from the following movie.

Observation of Rumba 980 cleaning at 5x speed - YouTube

Rumba 980 when this arrived at the editorial department.

Inside the box there was a main room, a home base, two dual virtual walls, a warranty card, two replacement edge cleaning brushes, a power cord, four dry batteries, two replacement dust cut filters, and instructions for use .

The body is the same disc type as the previous rumba. It seems that appearance does not change much from the previous model.

So I tried to compare the looks of Rumba 980 and Rumba 880. First it looks like it is from above. Rumba 980 with a diameter of 353 mm is slightly bigger than the previous model, but it is about the difference in size that you do not know unless you compare it next to each other.

The height of the left side rumba 980 is 92 mm, slightly higher than the previous model. The weight of Rumba 980 is 3.9 kg.

In addition, the front model Rumba 880 had a clean button at the center of the top surface, and four operation buttons under it ... ...

On the top of the new model Rumba 980 there were only three buttons from the left, dock buttons, clean buttons and spot buttons.

In addition, the new model rumba is equipped with a camera to grasp the surrounding situation and efficiently clean it.

Also, although the top surface of the front model Rumba 880 was black, ...

Rumba 980 is a gradated brown, finished with luxury.

Continue turning over Rumba 980 and looking at the back.

Since there is a battery and a charging connection part in the front of the main body, please retain the battery tag before use.

Edge cleaning brush on the left side.

Floor tracking sensor on the right. This will detect the existence of steps and the material of the floor.

There is an extractor which sucks up garbage in the middle.

The tire is a rubbery material.

The red part is a dust container ... ...

As you pull while pushing the button on the top side, it is designed to disengage from the pakali, so it is ok if you carry the container and throw the contents into the trash can.

As a new point of the Rumba 980, it is pointed out that "It became possible to operate from a smartphone". So, first of allGoogle PlayYaApp StoreInstall the application from. This time I used an iOS application. Tap "Get" ......

Tap "Install".

When installation is completed tap "Open".

"Welcome!" And the start screen of the application was displayed.

If you check "I agree with the end user license agreement", I will tap because the item "Add new rumba" appears.

"Add a new rumba" will begin, so tap "Next" to proceed.

First of all, it means "to set up a home base ..."

Connect the home base to the outlet and charge the room.

When installation is completed tap 'Start on to start!'.

Step 1: Check the network, so tap "Next".

After checking the Wi-Fi network name to use, enter the password and tap "Next".

The Wi - Fi icon flashes when you press the dock button and the spot button until the melody sounds. Tap "Next" ...

Press two buttons at the same time to connect.

Next time, select "Wi-Fi" from "Settings" of iPhone.

Since there is a network starting from "Roomba", select it ......

When I returned to the application, it says "Start setting up the network". After that I only have to wait for the connection to be completed, but please note that Wi-Fi did not work well unless it was in the 2.4 GHz band.

A sign that the setting is completed when the white Wi - Fi lamp lights up on the top of the main unit.

Return to the application and tap "Next".

Next time, the Customize screen of Rumba was displayed. While confirming that "birthday information" is set automatically for birthday, enter your e-mail address and tap "done".

Then the movie of introduction begins ... ...

Finally the movie finishes home screen. When it is displayed for the first time, explanation of each button is described, and there are a clean button to operate start / pause of cleaning in the middle, "Switch of the room and change of the room" at the upper left, "From the left" Changing movement of cleaning of the room "," Reservation for cleaning for one week "," Information and setting of the room "was lined up.

Although Japanese is a bit suspicious, "changing the movement at cleaning of the room" (cleaning mode setting) "carpet boost" "quick mode" "whether to continue cleaning even if the dust container is full" And "Edge Clean" which decides whether to clean the walls and the circumference of the furniture's legs neatly after the cleaning of the wide area was finished, and so on.

In "carpet boost", you can choose whether to automatically switch the rubrum to recognize the material of the floor, "cleaning if you reduce power consumption in case of flooring" or "raise suction power with carpet". By default it was set to auto.

When you open "Schedule for cleaning of one week (weekly schedule)" from the home screen, it was possible to reserve what day of the week to clean on which day of the week.

Also, when you press "Rumba information and setting (details)" button on the home screen, it has become possible to confirm how much garbage is accumulated in the rumba, the history of cleaning and so on. Looking at the item "Caring" ......

You can check if the maintenance is necessary for the three items of "dust container" "rumba body" "extractor". As we have just moved, we can see that no gauge is accumulated on the screen below and that you do not need to clean it.

Also, in the history, "past cleaning times", "total cleaning time", "total cleaning area", "number of dirt detect times" are displayed, and at the same time, the past cleaning history list seems to be displayed.

Unlike the previous model, Rumba 980 recognizes the shape of the room and the arrangement of the furniture rather than blindly, so it is possible to move efficiently, so I tried to see what kind of movements actually would take place It was. In addition, the movie is 5 times faster than the actual movement.

Observation of Rumba 980 cleaning at 5x speed - YouTube

A virtual wall is an accessory device that can prevent the progress of the room as it is called "intrusion is prohibited from here". As I used the previous model in the editorial department, Rumba ignored the virtual wall and sometimes continued cleaning, so I tried to see how much the virtual wall will work with the new model.

So I started cleaning from the app.

Rumba who jumped out of his home base well.

First, I will look around round and round, and I will grasp what kind of place my place is.

As I was watching, it does not move randomly, it goes vertically and parallel to the room, occasionally going through diagonal crossing and occasionally twice, but basically a wide space is basically a single passage to clean up I will do it. Also, since we are recognizing the existence of the walls, we are slowing down the impact when we hit and it does not seem to worry about hurting furniture etc.

If you strike a desk or a chair's legs etc, we will clean it carefully.

Relatively large space was repeatedly cleaned smoothly by repeating vertical / parallel movement, but under the furniture etc had repeated zigzag movement many times.

Escape from under the furniture and go to the wall side? I thought ... ....

It is also possible to switch the direction to just say "I want to clean the circumference of the furniture for a while" and start cleaning the circumference of the legs of the desk again.

In addition, there was a case that the former model would be forcibly left unable to escape once it entered a narrow place, but the rumba 980 that got under the mini table ... ....

Take the escape.

I also knew that there was a virtual wall in front, and I also showed movements that traced an invisible wall.

I cleaned thoroughly through the walls twice, passed three times.

Recognizing the shape of the room and the arrangement of the furniture with the camera and creating the map in the head, the return to the home base is very smooth. Without hitting furniture, I was returning to the home base as if I had my own will.

Also, recognize the material of the floor and automatically boost in case of carpet The state of the new function "carpet boost" can be confirmed from the following movie. As soon as you hear the sound you can understand that the suction power is increasing only on the carpet.

Rumba carpet mode - YouTube

Also, the improvement in step recognition / avoidance rate was improved. Although I was using the previous model in the editorial department, I was caught on the bumps and stopped the movement, but the Rumba 980 has cleaned without stopping the movement nor falling from the step, than from now I felt it was a shame that the cognitive ability remarkably improved.

Even if there is a step avoid automatic cleaning and continue Rumba 980 - YouTube

First of all, repeat the movement perpendicular and parallel to the room and efficiently clean the wide space.

If you hit a step, ...

Direction change.

I ran towards the end of the wall facing the opposite direction.

Even if I hit the step again, I was able to perform the cleaning without brilliantly avoiding the step without stopping the movement or dropping from the step.

In addition, when observing the state of the cleaning, I saw the appearance of shaking the head at the wall side and trying to suck up dust accumulated in the corner firmly. Rumba 980 senses where there are lots of trash with a sensor and thoroughly brushes.

Although rumba may return to home base suddenly even though cleaning is not over, this is for charging. When the battery runs out, it will automatically return to the home base and resume cleaning when the charging is completed, and the same model also had the same function in the previous model, but it got lost in the middle and took power and became a home base Often not being able to come back. On the other hand, the improved rumba 980 was resurrected properly by refilling its own power.

It is certain that watching the movement makes it much smarter than the previous model, but is it able to properly aspire the garbage? That is why I tried experimenting by spreading red wool in the corner of the cafeteria for testing ......

Rumba who performs cleaning thoroughly to the corner.

After cleaning the canteen and returning to the home base, we confirmed that it was able to aspirate most of the yarns. Rumba is not a type to clean all at once, it is a vacuum cleaner that keeps the room clean in a regular manner by automatically cleaning it, so if it is the amount of wool in the image, cleaning the next day It can be said that it is a level that you can clean up with.

So, actually I've tried dozens of rumbas 980, but once you've been caught on a step and stopped "," ignoring the virtual wall "" stopping with a force in the middle of cleaning " Confirm that cleaning can be done with your own power until the end. Also, while the previous model was a movement like "Washing or gradually cleaning", the new rumba is an impression that regularity is seen in the way of movement and random cleaning is added depending on the situation, so far It did exactly clean up more than. Not only those who purchase Rumba for the first time but also those who are using the previous model would have thought of "If you manage to do a little bit more ...", I've been using Rumba so far If you are a person you can feel more powerful.

The price on the official website is 125,000 yen without tax.

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