Roomba latest flagship model 'Rumba i7 +' review, fully automatic garbage collection machine 'Clean Base' that can dispose of without seeing garbage is equipped with a completed robot cleaner

The latest flagship model ' Rumba i7 + ' has been introduced from iRobot, the leading brand of robot vacuum cleaners. The “ clean base ” that comes with the Roomba i7 + automatically collects the garbage collected by the Roomba i7 +, puts it in a bag and seals it, so the user can throw it away without looking at it. I actually tried using the strength of the strongest model in the Roomba series.

i7 Series | Robot Cleaner Roomba | iRobot Official Site

You can see how 'Clean Base' is collecting the garbage collected by Roomba i7 + in the following movie. The clean base puts the collected garbage into the paper pack as it is, so you can throw it away without seeing any hair or lumps of dust.

`` Clean base '' automatically collects garbage collected by `` Rumba i7 + ''-YouTube

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Opening ceremony
I tried to carefully check the Roomba i7 + main unit
I carefully checked 'Clean Base'
・ I actually cleaned the room with Roomba i7 +
I tried using 'iRobot HOME' and the new function 'Imprint Smart Mapping'

Opening ceremony
Roomba i7 + was delivered to the editorial department in a rather large cardboard box.

Roomba i7 + package is cardboard with surface treatment.

Roomba i7 + main body, instruction manual, 2 AA batteries, dual virtual wall, replacement paper pack, power cord, replacement edge cleaning brush, replacement filter, etc.

There was a 'clean base' that added an automatic dust collection function to the normal charging function.

I tried to carefully check the Roomba i7 + main unit
Roomba i7 + measures 35.1 cm in diameter x 9.2 cm in height and weighs about 4.0 kg, which is almost the same size as the conventional Roomba series.

There is a Home button, CLEAN / power button, and Spot button on the top of the main unit.

A camera is attached to the center of the top surface. Roomba i7 + uses this camera to recognize the shape of the room itself and the arrangement of furniture, and to clean the room efficiently.

The front of the top has a handle for lifting.

An infrared receiver that communicates with the clean base is installed in the front of the top surface.

The Soft Touch Bumper is as thick as the

Roomba e5 and is shock resistant.

The bottom of the main body looks like this.

There are 6 drop sensors on the bottom to prevent the main unit from falling from the steps.

The hole-like part is a floor tracking sensor that measures the position and running distance of Roomba.

On the front side, there is an edge cleaning brush that cleans every corner of the room.

On the bottom is a dual action brush made of rubber. The hair brushes installed in the 700 series, 600 series, and 500 series Roomba have a shape that easily causes hair to get tangled, but the dual-action brush is designed to prevent dirt from getting tangled. In addition, Roomba i7 + is equipped with 'AeroForce R3 step cleaning system', and the suction power is 10 times.

The dust container is on the back.

To remove the dust container, press the eject button on the side and pull it out.

The dust container is easy to carry.

Roomba i7 + 's dust container has a connection port for connecting to a clean base and discharging dust.

On the side of the dust container is a replaceable dust cut filter that can cut 99% of allergens of mold, pollen, mites and pets. It is recommended that you clean the dust-cut filter on the trash can once a week, and the dust-cut filter should be replaced every two months.

Like the Roomba e5, the dust container can be washed with water by removing the dust cut filter. Even small dirt can be easily cleaned by washing it with water. Also, after washing with water, it is necessary to completely dry the dust container before attaching it to the main unit.

I carefully checked 'Clean Base'
The clean base is the centerpiece of the Roomba i7 +, and it not only charges the Roomba i7 + itself, but also has the function of automatically sucking up the dust collected in the dust container of the main body. The size of the clean base is 39 cm in depth × 31 cm in width × 49 cm in height, which is a rather large size.

Compared to the conventional 'Home Base' that has only a charging function that was attached to Roomba, it is this size.

There is an exhaust port on the side of the main unit.

The back is equipped with a cord storage part that can be wrapped with a cord.

There is an outlet on the bottom side.

The bottom of the clean base has a connection where the Roomba i7 + returns when charging.

The charging connection is the part that contacts the Roomba i7 + connection to supply power.

The IR window is the part that is completely black and looks like a mirror. The IR window sends an infrared signal to the Roomba i7 + to bring it back to the clean base.

Unlike the conventional home base, the clean base has wheel stoppers that firmly fix the rumba.

The bottom hole serves as a waste disposal route ...

A trash exhaust pipe runs through the back.

The dust exhaust pipe continues to the top of the clean base. When you open the top of the main body with a snap ...

You can see the exit of the dust exhaust pipe. The dust discharged from the dust container of Roomba i7 + is carried to the upper part of the clean base through the dust exhaust pipe.

The dust sucked up from Roomba is collected in a 'paper pack' that is set inside the clean base.

The paper pack has a paper-like storage part that looks like cloth ...

It comes with a plastic card that doubles as a contact between the handle and the clean base.

Guide rails are mounted on both sides of the waste exhaust pipe. Insert the plastic card on the back of the attached paper pack ...

Push it in to finish setting the paper pack. With this, the rumba dust container that has returned to the clean base will suck up the dust into the paper pack.

Let's actually use it. First, set the clean base paper pack and connect the clean base to the outlet.

The extra cord can be stored by winding it around the cord compartment.

The clean base should be 1.2 meters forward, 0.5 meters wide, 0.3 meters above the top, and should be installed in a location with good Wi-Fi reception.

At the first startup, manually place Roomba i7 + on the clean base.

When charging, a white light will illuminate around the power button.

In addition, the accessory 'Dual Virtual Wall' is called 'Virtual Wall Mode' that creates a straight inaccessible area on the front, and 'Halo Mode' that can create a circular inaccessible area centered on the dual virtual wall. It limits the action of Roomba in two modes. If you use the dual virtual wall well, you can prevent Roomba from automatically entering the room with pets or babies.

・ I actually cleaned the room with Roomba i7 +
Let's actually clean the room with Roomba i7 +. Roomba i7 + may stop and turn on the spot, probably because it has a camera. However, it is the same as the conventional Roomba series that it collides with 'Gachan', whether the legs of the chair can not be detected by the camera. If the room is too large, the charge will be cut off in the middle, but in that case, it will return to the clean base once, charge it, and restart cleaning automatically.

`` Rumba i7 + '' actually cleaning it-YouTube

When the Roomba i7 + finishes cleaning and returns to the clean base, the clean base automatically sucks and collects the dust in the Roomba dust container. When sucking, a loud noise like a vacuum cleaner sounds, but the sucking ends in about 10 seconds.

`` Clean base '' automatically collects garbage collected by `` Rumba i7 + ''-YouTube

The paper pack containing the collected dust can be easily removed from the clean base simply by pulling on the plastic card.

When the paper pack is pulled out from the clean base, it will be automatically sealed. By using the clean base, you will never see dust such as hair and dust, and dust will not pollute the air.

It is also possible to open the plastic card and check the inside. It is said that 30 pieces of rumba dust container garbage will be put in the paper pack, so in the case of a room where the dust container takes 1 week to fill up, it means that it is not necessary to replace the paper pack for half a year I will. A set of 3 paper packs is 2138 yen including tax at the

official online store .

Also, when used with the schedule function of the app version, it completely responds to the requests 'I want you to clean the room automatically every day' and 'I don't want to see garbage.'

I tried using 'iRobot HOME' and the new function 'Imprint Smart Mapping'
Roomba i7 + can be easily operated with the button on the top of the main unit, but detailed settings are possible with the smartphone application '

iRobot HOME '. The setup of iRobot HOME is explained in detail in the following reviews.

`` Rumba 980 '' review that cleaning robot `` Rumba '' is a brain, it is possible to operate by smartphone & understand the shape of the room and the position of furniture with a camera-GIGAZINE

The iOS version and Android version of iRobot HOME are as follows.

'IRobot HOME' on the App Store

iRobot Home-Apps on Google Play

This time, iRobot HOME for iOS is used. The home screen of iRobot HOME looks like this. The large button labeled 'CLEAN' in the center allows you to start, pause, resume, and finish cleaning. On the tabs at the bottom are menus such as 'Basic settings', 'History', 'Schedule', 'Smart map' and 'Details'.

You can select the cleaning mode in 'Basic settings'. The entire room is cleaned once in 'quick mode' and twice in 'two runs'. In 'Auto', Roomba i7 + will automatically select the cleaning mode.

In 'History', you can check the time required for each cleaning, total cleaning area, cumulative cleaning area, etc.

You can also see the detailed cleaning history by tapping the cleaning history individually. For a detailed cleaning history, you can use the “Clean Map Report” that allows you to check the areas cleaned by Roomba i7 +.

In 'Schedule', you can start cleaning Roomba i7 + automatically at the set time.

'Smart map' is the first function in the Roomba series, and by learning and memorizing the room layout, Roomba can freely select 'which' room and 'when' to clean. Tap 'Next' when starting for the first time.

Roomba i7 + seems to have to recognize the entire room by cleaning it two to five times to activate Smart Map. First, tap 'Launch smart map'.

The construction of the smart map will start from the next cleaning. Tap 'Next'.

It seems that smart maps cannot be created if there is something that hinders the movement of Roomba i7 +. Tap 'Next tip'.

It is recommended to clean the Roomba i7 + under various lighting conditions. Tap 'Next tip'.

If there is a large space, 'training run' is effective. Tap 'OK!' To finish the tutorial.

When I actually cleaned the room twice with Roomba i7 + and looked at the smart map, I could only learn 50%.

A training run seems to speed up learning and enable smart maps, so tap 'Train Roomba +' to clean up your training.

Press Start Training to start the training run.

When you run a training run, the Roomba i7 + crawls the room in the same movement as when cleaning, measuring room layout and furniture position. It doesn't make the noise of the fan as it did when cleaning, but the drive noise is normal.

Once you have a smart map, you can customize the map to partition one room or clean just a portion of the room. Tap 'New Map'.

The smart map of my completed room is displayed. The floor plan is fairly accurate, but there are some differences. Tap 'Customize'.

First, give the map a name. You can give it a custom name, but this time we are using the first floor of the editorial department, so select '1st floor' and click 'Next.'

Tap 'Add border'.

A green 'border' is displayed in the center of the screen. Move the map by dragging so that the border is at the position you want to place, and tap 'Place' to set the border.

If you want to place the border diagonally, hold one finger on the screen and drag the other finger to rotate the border. When you have finished setting the boundaries, tap Done.

Set the name for each room divided by the boundary line. You can set the name from the template of the bathroom, bedroom, etc., but you can also give your own name.

When you have named all the rooms, tap Done. This completes the smart map settings.

If you set the smart map, you can 'select a room' when you tap 'CLEAN' from the home screen of the application.

In 'Select Room', you can clean only a specific room named in Smart Map.

If you actually set a boundary in the center of the room, you can see that the room is divided by the invisible boundary because the Roomba i7 + moves as if it hits an invisible wall.

`` Rumba i7 + '' `` Imprint smart mapping '' function divides one room on the application like this-YouTube

However, there were some cases where the Roomba i7 + would run out of the range of one main unit even if the boundary line was set as in the image. Since there is a gap in the boundaries of the smart map, it seems good to use a dual virtual wall in the case where 'I do not want to penetrate 1 mm beyond here!'

“Rumba i7 +” is available for purchase from the

official online store for ¥ 140,270 including tax when the article is posted.

Robot Cleaner Roomba i7 + | iRobot Official Online Store

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