Cyclone vacuum cleaner "TWINBIRD TC-E123SBK" review available within 3000 yen review

As for the vacuum cleaner which one necessarily is necessary for the family, the price becomes natural as a matter of necessity of the high function thing, and the price is low, the suction power is too weak, and it may become "the loss of safe buying" . Home electronics manufacturer'sTWINBIRDThe vacuum cleaner "TC-E123SBK"Was a cyclone stick cleaner that can be purchased within 3000 yen on Amazon, and the review evaluation was excellent, so I bought it and checked it to see what it is actually. TWINBIRD Cyclonic Stick Cleaner TC-E123SBK Skeleton Black TC-E123SBK: Home & amp; Kitchen

◆ Opening - Assembling

Arrived in a vertically long package.

I took out all the contents. Each part is wrapped in vinyl.

The manual describes how to assemble and how to clean it. First we start with assembly.

Remove vinyl of all parts.

First connect the handle with the stick. It's okay if you snap it in until you hear a "click".

The filter part is a double structure of a plastic outer filter and a cloth filter.Amazon ReviewsAccording to the fact that it is easier to clean the filter by inserting a tissue between the two filters.

Winding tissue around cloth filter ......

If you fit in the outer filter as it is OK.

Next, set the two filters on the case.

Then connect the main unit and the case until you hear "click" sound.

Fits the nozzle part.

There is also a gap nozzle, but since the holder is attached, it will not be lost if you do not use it if you install it on the stick part.

It's like this when you finish the assembly.

From the side.

The back is like this and it's making it slim because it's a stick type.

TC-E123SBK, compared with the iPhone 5 look like this. I do not take up much space when standing and storing it.

When you measure the length from the nozzle to the tip of the stick ... ...

It was about 102 cm.

◆ I tried using

When I bring it with my hand, pushing the button with this feeling starts suction. Although weakness can not be adjusted, suction power is no problem. The sound at driving is never too noisy, but it is a big level for size.

Actually you can check where the cleaning is done with "TWINBIRD TC - E 123 SBK" from the following movie.

Where you are cleaning with a cyclone vacuum cleaner "TWINBIRD TC - E123SBK" is like this - YouTube

You can see how the inhaled dust rotates from the following movie.

Where the garbage of the cyclone vacuum cleaner "TWINBIRD TC - E 123 SBK" rotates is like this - YouTube

In addition, you can also use the stick as a handy cleaner by pulling the stick while pressing the button, removing the stick.

Since two power switches are prepared on the top and bottom, you can turn on the power with the bottom switch.

Removing the stick is quite compact. Removing when the length is unnecessary such as stairway cleaning ......

It is convenient when cleaning the corner of the ceiling. If you are an adult man, lifting it with one hand does not feel too much "heavy".

Although the cord is not an automatic winding type, there is a part around which the stick is wound round and round.

Since garbage accumulates in the skeleton case, it is soon to know when the garbage is thrown away.

Since paper pack is unnecessary type, dust accumulates in the case, but the case can be removed by pushing a button.

When it gets dirty you can wash the plastic case as it is. Cleaning is very easy because it only removes and washes.

"TWINBIRD TC-E123SBK" was a sufficiently practical vacuum cleaner, despite being able to purchase at the price of a handy cleaner, except for the place where there is no strength switch, suction power is satisfactory. Recommended for people who place importance on cost performance or for people who do not have space to place a large vacuum cleaner by living alone.

TC-E123SBK is currently on sale at 2970 yen (tax included) at Amazon. TWINBIRD Cyclonic Stick Cleaner TC-E123SBK Skeleton Black TC-E123SBK: Home & amp; Kitchen

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