I tried using Anker's cordless vacuum cleaner "eufy HomeVac" that I can carry around anywhere and clean it

From Anker's home appliance brand · eufy, a cordless vacuum cleaner with built-in battery "Eufy HomeVac"Appeared at 10 o'clock on Wednesday, January 18, 2017. Before model "Eufy HomeVac Duo"It is said that the suction power has been strengthened, and I tried to verify the performance using the real thing actually reached the editorial department of GIGAZINE.

HomeVac - Eufy

As you can see from the following movie, you can see how one uses the Anker's cordless vacuum cleaner "eufy HomeVac" to clean paper strips wound on the floor.

When cleaning with Anker's cordless vacuum cleaner 'eufy HomeVac' it looks like this - YouTube

HomeVac is contained in a vertically long cardboard box.

Since the HomeVac in the box is in a state of disagreeing, simple assembly is necessary.

First of all, remove the bolt at the boundary between the handle and the main part. Since it is not tightened, it can be easily removed by hand.

Insert the handle into the main unit. If you remove it, the connection part is pretty, but there is a cord between the handle and the main body, so it is necessary to pay attention so as not to miss the code excessively.

Use a screwdriver to secure the handle with bolts.

Parts of the suction mouth can be attached only by inserting it.

When completed it is like this.

When you look at the dust case from the side, you can immediately tell how much you need to throw in the trash inside. The maximum capacity is 0.9 liters, which is 40% larger than a typical cordless vacuum cleaner.

The motor head is a slightly future-looking design that allows the rotating brush to be seen from above.

Looking from the back side like this.

Since the neck portion of the motor head is lightly fixed when it stands upright, it seems that it will not collapse due to vibration etc. when it is self-sustaining. Wall mounts of the type that drill holes are drilled in the wall are also included, but if you can not use it, just put it as it stands up is fine.

When cleaning, the neck portion moves flexibly.

Power button and weak button on the handle part.

It is hard to understand in the picture, but the back side is rough and processed to make it easy to grip.

Suction starts as soon as the power is turned on ... ...

The LED of the motor head also lights up.

To quietly clean up, press the weak button under the power button OK.

Charging is done by inserting the cable in the back side of the main body.

The remaining battery level can be checked with the LED indicator on the main unit.

I tried to push the power button while charging HomeVac which was running out of battery, but it did not work. It seems that it can not be cleaned by wire when the battery runs out.

◆ Cleaning
When I actually cleaned up, the suction power was perfect. Since continuous operation of about 22 minutes in strong mode and about 50 minutes in weak mode is possible, you can clean your house all at once by using properly as carpet and dirty areas as strong mode and other places as weak mode You should be able to do it. However, since the sound during operation is not small, it seems better to stop stopping at night in apartment houses etc.

By looking at the following movie that is switching "strong mode" and "weak mode" of HomeVac, you can see how much the operation sound is.

Switching the strength of Anker's cordless vacuum cleaner "eufy HomeVac" - YouTube

Since the dust that has sucked rotates by the centrifugal force like a cyclone vacuum cleaner in the dust case, the suction power does not drop even if cleaning is continued.

LED light about motorhead ......

It makes it easy to see how much garbage is falling even in a dark place, which is quite useful.

Because it is cordless, we can do stairs and other cleaning without problems. However, because the weight is not so light as about 2.5 kg, it may be a bit tired when used for a long time.

◆ Maintenance
Pressing the button in the middle of the main body ... ...

You can remove the dust case.

Since the bottom part of the dust case is designed to open, you can easily throw away accumulated garbage without soiling your hands.

It is also possible to extract the filter case from the top.

It is a pleasing place to clean the remaining dust case as it is.

You can also drop HEPA filter from the filter case and drop dust and dirt. There is no worry that the exhaust will pass through the HEPA filter, sprinkling ticks, molds, small allergens from the pet etc. However, unfortunately it is not attached a replacement filter.

Also, after cleaning we found that garbage stuck inside the motor head. The window of the plastic is fixed firmly, and it can not be opened and closed.

Then remove the black parts from the back side ... ...

I can remove the brush stick, so I could wipe the interior. It is also possible for the bristles to get tangled with hair, so you can remove hair and remove it by tearing with scissors and getting tangled. For every part, I was able to clean up relatively easily.

In addition, the price of eufy HomeVac is 14,800 yen including tax with Amazon, but it is sold at 200 yen limited from 10 o'clock on Wednesday, January 18 (Wednesday), with a tax of 10,840 yen including the first time limited price of 20% off I will.

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