The Ginza Sony Building rebuilt countdown event "It's a Sony exhibition" is too old and my chest became painful

Since it used to flow frequently in commercial, "It's a Sony" murmurs with that intonation without being aware of it. There was Sony near life. Since the event which can look back at such Sony's history was being held in Ginza, I suddenly tried going.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who made a round of the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. I also am 33 if I also notice. The past time has increased a lot. That is why I was missing the old Sony products that were on display and my chest became painful.

◆ It's a Sony Exhibition
Ginza · Sony Building's location is 5-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Sony Building was a Sony showroom opened in 1966 and has been a place where we have connected customers with Sony for 50 years. The rebuilding of the building was decided due to aging, and the countdown event called "It's a Sony exhibition" will be held that allows us to look back on the history of Sony. In 2016 when rebuilding was decided, it was the milestone of 70 years of Sony foundation and 50 years of birth of Sony Building.

Sony Japan | News Releases | Countdown Event Prior to Sony Building "It's a Sony Exhibition" Held


This is Sony Building in Ginza. It was a visit on January 4th of the year, so the Hinomaru was listed in the town.

Announcement near the building entrance.

Sony Building began demolishing on April 1, 2017 and will be reborn as "Ginza Sony Park" in the summer of 2018. After that, it is a schedule that a new Sony building will be built after the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

◆ Exhibition by age
This event is free of entry. Moreover, it was a photography shoot OK (flash impossible). The products from Sony's foundation to the present were exhibited in six areas, the 1940s - 1950s, the 1960s, the 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s, and the 2000s.

The flag of the company called "Tokyo Communication Industry" which became the predecessor of SONY.

Electric rice cooker (1945): A wooden snack can remember that time, Sony's white goods which can not be thought at the moment. Failed work that it is difficult to cook rice.

Electric Zabon (1946): This is also a product that I can not think of from Sony now. Although it was a big hit product, there were many problems, and I used a different company called "Ginza Nessle (Healing) Shokai" as a selling agency.

TR-63 (1957): At that time it was the world's smallest portable radio. I have used this size radio even around Japan and I did not feel too old.

H type tape recorder (1951): The first popular tape recorder type recorder. The trunk large cabinet weighs 13 kg.

ICR-100 (1967): Portable radio has been compacted to the palm size 50 years ago. Weight is 90 g.

A mascot character named Sony Boy who once existed.

ICC-500 (1967): Although it is a calculator which is even 100 yen shop now, in the old days it was "enclosure of home appliances". This product is a position of "portable calculator" with a handle weight of 6.3 kg.

TV 5-303 (1962): More than 50 years ago, although it was black and white, there was a portable TV. At that time the world's smallest, lightest product.

19C-70 (1965): Sony's first color TV. It is a television of a cathode-ray tube of the type called Chromathron, but it was not popularized from manufacturing cost and failure rate. But this hardshipTrinitron TV a big hit productIt leads to the birth of.

D-50 (1984): The world's first portable CD player. Since there was a target size of the thickness of four CD jackets at the time of planning, at the time of development, a wooden pattern matching the target size was prepared. We are producing products with almost the same size.

CCD-TR 55 (1989): It is an 8 mm video camera that gained popularity with catch phrase of "passport size". Weighing only 790 g is the world's smallest and lightest at the time of release. In the middle of the bubble economy,I would like to take it overseasIt was the concept of video camera.

FDL-33S (1988): This is a small TV like an eye-catching toy again. It was a strange mechanism that can be divided into three, monitor, tuner, power supply.

MVC-FD 5 (1997): This is a digital camera called 3.5 "floppy disk for recording media. The performance of the CCD was 410 thousand pixels, the liquid crystal was 2.5 inches, the power supply was a lithium battery of 1250 mAh, and the recording number was about 40 sheets with 1.44 MB floppy disk.

LBT-V715 (1987): I felt a little long ago in a mini-component that was unified in black and photographed.

PLM-50 (1997): Head mounted display released under the name Glastron. It is an appearance reminiscent of the topic VR equipment recently. It was touched that "I can enjoy powerful images equivalent to 52 type without taking space."

PCG-505 (1997): "VAIO (bio)" brand's first notebook PC. The OS is Windows 95, the CPU is 133 MHz, the memory is 32 MB, the HDD is 1 GB and the specification is inferior compared to the current one, but the case that the thickness 23.9 mm, the weight 1.35 kg is my notebook PC purchased in 2012 I am impressed that it is more compact and amazing though it is an old model.

PTC-500 (1990): At that time adopted epoch - making handwriting input, it was sold under the name "Palm Top (Palm Top)" because it is a compact computer that can be handled on hands. It comes from the place where the palm is called "Palm" in English. nowTablet terminalIt seems to be said that it is a kind of PDA (mobile information terminal) is a kind.

NSA-PF 1 (2009): Pot was put in the corner of the room, but this was also an exhibit. It is a speaker named "Sountina" (an unprecedented form) that vibrates an organic glass tube of about 1 m and transmits sound in all directions at 360 degrees.

Even at GIGAZINE in 2009, I went to experience Osaka Sony style store.

Sony's organic glass tube speaker "Sountina" hypothetical review that allows the sound to sound in all directions - GIGAZINE

VGN-P70H (2007): A pocket style PC in which the advertisement called a size entering into a jeans' pocket (not said to fit) is a topic. It was around the time I was traveling abroad, so it was a product that I was attracted as "It would be useful if it were useful."

KDL-40X1000 (2005): Unit 1 of the LCD TV "BRAVIA (BRAVIA)" brand. Prior to that, it was a brand called "WEGA (Vega)". It is a liquid crystal television which is considerably thick compared with the present.

XEL-1 (2007): Japanese manufacturers are entering one after another, and although organic EL television shows new movements, Sony was the first in the world to launch as a commercial item. It was only recently, but it was already ten years ago. A grim, vivid screen on a thin display that seems to crack when grabbed by hand was a perfection degree that I could mistake it as a product of now.

SDR-4 X II (2003): So far, SOFTBANK's Pepper (Pepper) is booming in Japan, but once Sony also developed a nicknamed robot named "QRIO (Curie)". I remember it being a topic with the opening of the new era with Honda's "ASIMO (Asimo)".

In this way, looking back on Sony's successive products, the image of the "defending company" that I had hitherto changed. As I know, Sony is a manufacturer that sticks to "Betamax", "Mini Disc (MD)", "Memory Stick" and its own standard stubbornly, PC and video games were only divided into existing markets. However, Sony I do not know was sending products of new ideas such as Glastron of head mounted display and Sounterina of omnidirectional speaker. Recently, there are only lenses "Lens Style Camera" and PlayStation VR that can enjoy virtual reality world. Even if it is a robot vacuum cleaner's rumba or an action camera GoPro, the new concept product has the potential of a big hit. That is why I want to look forward to whether Sony, who was an aggressive company, will change something again.

Several new concepts of such new ideas were lined up.

MESH: Block-shaped RFID tag that connects to an application that can form a playful spirit | Sony

MESH is a product that uses intuasi appli and electronic tags to intuitively handle the conversion of the Internet into Internet (IoT) like a Lego block. Electronic tags have various functions such as buttons, lights and motion sensors, and by combining them, you can build a convenient system for yourself.

◆ Display by brand
Not only ages, there were also exhibitions by brands.

· Walkman
Walkman (WALKMAN) which can be said as a synonym of portable music player is Sony's trademark. By the time I was a high school student I was indebted to Sony's MD Walkman.

The package that feels age is a product called "TPS - L2", the original walkman released in 1979.

Despite the fact that I did not have a cassette walkman, there was a product that shook my memory as I was watching advertisements as well.

CD Walkman and the current MP3 player.

· Recording media
Here is also a business that Sony is putting effort into from now to far. Sony was always involved in the battle for record media standards such as Betamax vs. VHS, Blu-ray Disc vs. HD DVD, Memory Stick in the memory card market.

Before the cassette tapeOpen reelThe standard of the magnetic tape.

Cassette tapes lined up side by side. Magnetic tape that sticks to the wind and the wind at the roadside is a sight that you do not see anymore.

MD, MO, DVD-R, Memory Stick, USB memory, etc.

·mobile phone
Sony Ericsson's image of the mobile terminal business was strong during the merger period, but before that, Sony alone sold models. Currently the brand "Xperia (Experia)"Sony Mobile CommunicationsIt is deployed independently.

CP 201 (the leftmost one) released in 1989 is Sony's first mobile phone.

I remembered my student days on a straight terminal of monochrome liquid crystal.

· Aibo
"AIBO (Aibo)" which established the genre of robot pet was also exhibited by age.

Prototype of robot feeling Morodera.

ERS - 100 series. The appearance is like a dog.

ERS-200 series. It turns into a stylish and near future futuristic image when compared with the 100 series.

ERS-300 series. For some reason here, from the traditional route, in the direction to extrude the cuteness to the full.

· PlayStation (Playstation)
At the end of 1994, Sony entered the game market on PlayStation and dragged Nintendo, who was at the center of the game market, due to the spread of Nintendo and Super Nintendo, as the main player. I got through twists and turnsProcess until new entryYou can not miss it.

Playstation became the next champion of Super Nintendo.

Compact and lightweight version of PlayStation 2. Initial version of PlayStation 3 and a compact and lightweight version.

·group Enterprise
There are also aspects of entertainment companies that make software as well as electrical manufacturers that make hard.

Sony Music of Music Business. Mr. Koji Tamaki's "Country", Mr. Tamio Okuda's "Easy Rider" and a nostalgic song flowing and the chest became crowned.

Sony Pictures in the movie business. Advertisement announcements of movies such as "Last Emperor" "Men In Black" "Spider-Man" were switched one after another to the liquid crystal display. It was acquired in 1989 by Columbia Pictures in America, and changed its name in 1991.

◆ Other exhibits
Another collaboration project with magazine POPEYE, there are corners to pick up memorable Sony products as My Favorite Sony by ten celebrities up to Mr. Komui (Campanella on Wednesday), Mr. Pierre Taki, Mr. Jun Miura, President Kazuo Hirai , It was content that can take a lot of time.

There is also a mini version of the melody step of a trick representing the Sony building somewhere so please try to find it. The sound is heard when you step on the stairs.

"Melody step" Mini version of Sony Building found at It's a Sony exhibition - YouTube

The most important thing in this event was the playback of the trunk large tape recorder. When you press the button, the voice at that time will be played. "I'm looking forward to what kind of voice changes in a year." People now who have been 60 years since 50 years have been listening. People who brought a voice back then those who can hear their voice again here will not. Nevertheless, they existed beyond the tape, and it made me feel uncomfortable.

The same exhibition is held until February 12, 2017, so if you are interested, please visit them.

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