The NFT of 'the world's first Twitter post', which was sold for more than 300 million yen a year ago, is on sale, but the bid amount is less than 1 million yen.

In March 2021, Twitter co-founder

Jack Dorsey posted the 'World's First Twitter Post' in 2006 at auction as a non-fungible token (NFT) for $ 2,915,835 (at that time). It was sold at a rate of about 111 million yen). Then, in April 2022, the winning bidder again auctioned the 'world's first Twitter post' NFT, but the highest bid at the time of writing the article was only $ 6,247.

'Jack Dorsey's First Tweet' NFT Went on Sale for $ 48M. It Ended With a Top Bid of Just $ 280 of-just-280 /

Jack Dorsey's first-tweet NFT is no longer worth millions --Protocol

This is the 'world's first Twitter post' posted by Mr. Dorsey on March 22, 2006.

In March 2021, Dorsey's 'World's First Twitter Post' was put up for auction as an NFT that could identify the owner of digital data as a unique item. In the end, the NFT was sold by Iranian crypto entrepreneur Sina Estavi for $ 2,915,835.

'The oldest existing Twitter post' can be auctioned for over 270 million yen-GIGAZINE

On April 7, 2022, Estavi announced that he would put the world's first Twitter-posted NFT in an auction and donate 50% of his revenue to the charity Give Directly. At this time, Mr. Estavi estimated the donation amount to be more than 25 million dollars (about 3.13 billion yen), and expected that the NFT would be sold for more than 50 million dollars (about 6.26 billion yen). pattern.

In response to this tweet, Dorsey said, 'Why don't you make it 99%?'

The 'world's first Twitter post' NFT was listed with the expectation of a significant price increase, but if you check the auction page at the NFT market giant OpenSea , the highest bid at the time of writing the article is only $ 6247. Far from being far below $ 50 million, it's less than one-400th of the winning bid a year ago.

Estavi told Coindesk, a crypto-related media, in a WhatsApp message, 'If a good offer comes in, I may accept it and never sell it,' he abandons the sale. It suggests the possibility.

Although NFTs grew significantly in 2021, some criticized NFTs as 'just a tech-savvy elite MLM .' In addition, many fraud cases related to NFT projects have been reported , and in 2022, a total of 200 million yen of NFTs were stolen at OpenSea.

Regarding the NFT of 'the world's first Twitter post', which is the topic of this time, 'People claim to' own 'tweets made by others and sell them, but the tweets are Twitter and the poster. It is managed by, and this logic is strange. ' One person said, 'This is like claiming that I own Hagia Sophia (a mosque in Turkey) and can sell it. I don't. This is anyone other than the Turkish people. It's not a thing, 'he said, pointing out that if Mr. Dorsey deletes the tweet, the NFT would be meaningless.

In addition, Mr. Estavi was arrested in Iran in May 2021 after purchasing the NFT of 'the world's first Twitter post', and the virtual currency exchange CryptoLand that he owned was closed. In addition, it has been announced that the Bridge Oracle token deployed by Estavi will be renewed from the Tron blockchain to the Binance smart chain and token swap will be performed, but this process will take several months.

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