Announced that Twitter will distribute 140 types of NFT content created independently for free

Twitter has announced that it will distribute 'Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ' content, which has been attracting attention as a digital asset in recent years, for free.

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Twitter is giving out 140 Ethereum-based NFTs that can be seen on Rarible

Twitter Releasing Set of Ethereum NFTs | Crypto Briefing

On Wednesday, June 30, 2021, Twitter provided NFT content to the NFT-specialized marketplace 'Rarible ' where anyone can easily trade NFT, and 'NFT content for free to interested users' Will be distributed. ' In addition, Twitter tweeted that '140 types of NFT will be distributed to 140 people for free', so it seems that there are 140 types of NFT content distributed for free.

The Twitter account created on Rarible is as follows. At the time of article creation, Twitter has only published 8 types of NFT content on Rarible, so it seems that multiple NFT content will be published over time in the future.

Rarible – Create, sell or collect digital items secured with #blockchain

When Bloomberg inquired about how to select distribution of NFT content, a spokesperson responded that 'select a distributor from those who are interested in Twitter-made NFT content on Twitter or Rarible.' It seems to be. In addition, Twitter said that it has no plans to sell its own NFT content and will distribute it for free.

A Twitter spokeswoman said that more than 29 million NFT-related tweets have been shared since the beginning of 2021, and that he decided to distribute NFT content after paying attention to it. A spokeswoman said, 'Twitter has no plans for NFT-related projects or features other than this campaign.'

However, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey supports crypto assets such as bit coins, and in March 2021 Twitter's oldest tweet was put up for auction as NFT content, so `` Twitter about NFT I don't think we have any plans to go deeper, 'Bloomberg reports.

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