'Lifecast' that can generate VR-optimized 6DoF content from VR180 content with the power of AI

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provided a conference tool in VR space, and VR has come to be used in a wide range of applications such as games, movies, and communication. However, it can be expensive because it requires the use of dedicated cameras and tools to prepare VR-optimized content. ' Lifecast ' is software that can add depth information to existing movies, and it is said that you can easily generate a movie optimized for VR if you prepare VR180 content that supports 180 degree stereoscopic viewing.

Lifecast --Make 6DOF VR video with any VR180 camera for Oculus Quest 2 and WebVR

6DOF VR Video from VR180 Cameras

When creating content for VR, the concept of 'degree of freedom (DoF)' is important. There are many types of VR goggles, including 3DoF compatible VR goggles that can only follow the rotation in the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis directions, and the back-and-forth movement of each axis in addition to the rotation of each axis. There are 6DoF goggles. 6DoF goggles that can follow the movement of the body back and forth and left and right can provide a more realistic experience than 3DoF compatible goggles that can only follow the movement of the head.

For this reason, it is desirable that VR content also support 6DoF, but in order to make live-action content compatible with 6DoF, it is necessary to add depth information using a dedicated shooting device. Therefore, if you use Lifecast, it is possible to add depth information to AI just by preparing VR180 content. This VR180 is a standard released by Google in 2017, and it is a standard that can create 180 degree stereoscopic content with equipment that is cheaper than equipment for 6DoF content equipped with two lenses.

Google announces new VR format 'VR180' to convert videos taken with a normal camera to '180 degree video' --GIGAZINE

The image below is a photo taken with a Canon 'EOS R5' equipped with a lens for creating VR content on the left, and the depth information generated by Lifecast on the right. According to the development team, Lifecast is capable of creating high-speed, high-quality 6DoF content by targeting VR180 content. In addition to the EOS R5 & VR content lenses, we are appealing that various VR180 content creation systems can be used to create 6DoF content.

Lifecast is providing a demo version for Windows and macOS at the time of writing the article. Also, when operating in a Windows environment, a GPU made by NVIDIA is indispensable.

Lifecast --Make 6DOF VR video with any VR180 camera for Oculus Quest 2 and WebVR


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