Google announces a new VR format "VR180" that converts videos taken with ordinary cameras to "180 degree movies"

New format that makes Google more familiar with VR experience "VR 180"Has been released. Just shooting with a normal camera, you can shoot VR movies that can move up to 180 degrees.

VR 180

The world as you with with VR 180

YouTube supports 360 degree VR movies, bringing new angles to videos of all genres. In order to shoot a 360 degree movie, you need a 360 degree camera, but with the new format "VR 180", you can just look at the angle of 180 degrees by just shooting with a normal camera as usual "180 degrees Movie "can be created.

For example, if you shoot a movie you uploaded in the format of VR 180, it will be played as a normal movie on a PC or smartphone, but when you play the same movie with Cardboard · Daydream · PSVR, it seamlessly plays as a 180 ° movie and enjoy a different angle It will become possible to do. In addition, since VR 180 also supports live streaming, it will be able to stream VR videos easily in real time.

By clicking on the following image, the VR 180 movie seen by the VR headset will be played with GIF animation.

A playlist of VR180 video has already been released. If you play the following movies on your smartphone, press the Cardboard button and watch it on a simple VR headset such as Cardboard, you can experience Sakuto VR180.

Also, the team of Daydream is working on the development of a compact digital camera compatible with VR 180 in cooperation with manufacturers such as YI · Lenovo · LG, and the price is expected to be about the same as that of a commercially available compact digital camera. In addition to the "VR 180 certification program" being prepared,Z CAMIt is also decided that it will become the first partner of the program.

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