Camera Lytro Announces "Immerge" Camera-Level VR Video Production Camera

Camera that can focus after shootingKnown as "Lytro"Is a dedicated camera for producing VR content"ImmergeWe announced. Utilizing the polished technology for changing the focus, it seems to come up with a VR market that is expected to expand markets significantly in the future.

Lytro - Lytro Immerge

You can see what kind of camera the VR camera "Immerge" is by watching the movie.

Lytro Immerge - Vimeo -

The principle of the camera is to record information on light.

The light reflected on things has various information, and one form of capturing and recording this is a photograph.

If you can record this light information from every direction ... this is the idea of ​​Lytro's VR camera "Immerge".

Information on color and light ......

It includes information such as depth. Recording various information of these lights is "Light field(Light field) "is a technology called.

Recognizing a three-dimensional object with a light field ...

Record all "information" in the real world. Immerge is a camera that records three-dimensionally as a three-dimensional object, not two-dimensional information like a picture common in light field technology.

Immerge can capture light from all directions, up and down, right and left. It has a shape close to a sphere so that light can be gathered from the surroundings.

The data volume of the collection of light recorded by Immerge is huge. A dedicated server for arithmetic processing will be prepared in order to process the enormous record at high speed by software and convert it to 3D. The data gathered on the server is processed at high speed and output as 3D data.

In addition, a plug-in that edits 3D video will be prepared.

What Immerge is aiming at is Oculus'sRiftContent for VR headset like. The purpose is to produce high-quality 3D images that can be used in movies.

Lytro's focusable camera was also using the light field.

I shoot a lot with the camera "Lytro" which can focus after taking a picture - GIGAZINE

The light field is a technology for recording and processing the light rays incident on the camera lens, and this light field technology realizes the refocusing function to change the focal length of the camera after shooting.

The VR camera "Immerge" which applied the light field technology to record ray aggregation records information such as color and depth obtained from rays from all directions at 360 degrees.

By installing Immerge, it is possible to precisely measure the surrounding topography.

However, the amount of data collected is enormous, it is said to be several TB per hour.

Lytro is developing a plug-in tool for video editing software so that it can analyze enormous data at high speed.

With high-speed lines and high-performance computers, you should be able to create 3D images in real time. Immerge is scheduled for release within 2016.

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