LSI emerges to enable still images of 12 million pixels and full HD movie shooting with mobile phone

Mobile phones equipped with an 8 million pixel camera are being released one after another from NTT DoCoMo, au, and Softbank Mobile, but LSIs that enable shooting of 12 million pixels of still images and full HD movies on mobile phones (high density integration Circuit) has appeared in the circuit.

In addition, it is said that sharp shooting will be possible even with mobile phones that do not have optical zoom.

Details are as follows.
News Release | News & Events | NEC Electronics

According to this release, NEC will sample and ship camera LSI "CE 143" which can shoot 12 megapixel still images and full HD movies on mobile phones from March.

"CE 143" optimized the circuit to realize high image quality including camera shake prevention, and built-in interface circuit that newly displays full HD image data on the screen, In addition to enabling photography and movie shooting in full HD, it also made it possible to detect faces 25 times faster than in the past.

This is "CE 143"

Further, by analyzing and processing the information of one piece of image data, it is possible to improve the blurring of the image and the roughness of the edge, and to express and adjust the pixels as the outline portion of the person or the object when enlarging the image, Improve image quality correction and color reproducibility, clear the image "Super resolution technology"On the other hand, it is said that even in mobile phone terminals that do not have optical zoom, it will be possible to sharply capture images and pictures enlarged with digital zoom.

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