NEC develops "super resolution technology" capable of high-quality shooting with mobile phone camera

Although it is a cell phone with camera that everyone has now, some with a camera with 5 million pixels camera is on sale, but still a cell phone with a camera with 100 to 2 million pixels is installed It is mainstream.

The "super resolution technology" developed by NEC this time is that it is a technology that can shoot at high resolution even with the cellular phone camera which is currently the mainstream, and it is desired to dramatically improve the picture quality by this That's right, what kind of mechanism is it all on?

Details are as follows.Started solution business utilizing "super resolution technology" (November 15, 2006): Press Release | NEC

According to this release, it is possible to generate high resolution images exceeding the performance of the camera body by combining multiple sequential image data. This seems to make it possible to generate images of 4 million pixels or more with a 1 million pixel camera.

Also, even when shooting a moving object, it is possible to increase the resolution of the object itself by automatically separating and processing only the moving object.

It is quite attractive that the picture quality of mobile phone cameras is greatly improved, but will not it be more wonderful when applying this technology to ordinary digital cameras?

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