Lytro Cinema Camera that captures 40 K video at 300 frames per second and does not require greenback is a device with a potential ability to revolutionize the video industry

Camera that can change focus after shootingYaA camera that can produce movie-level VR videoLytro has developed a camera for movie shooting "Lytro CinemaWe announced. Lytro Cinema is capable of making 40 frames per second RAW data at 40 K resolution, making it possible to do what was impossible with conventional technologies such as adjusting the focus and replacing the background, making it a revolutionary camera in the video industry .

Lytro - Lytro Cinema

The amazing performance of Lytro Cinema can be confirmed from the following movie.

Lytro Cinema on Vimeo

Lytro Cinema is a camera that can record all elements of light.

Since it is possible to record all visible information such as different depth, focal length, and squeezing, it not only improves the efficiency of post-production after shooting, but also has the potential to create ideas that have never been before It is said that there is.

For example, in the image below, the focus is on the back wall ... ...

When I click on a woman I got a focus on a woman. After taking a picture taken with Lytro Cinema, it is possible to change the focus to any object in the image, this is due to the technology Lytro has cultivated over many years.

Lytro Cinema is equipped with a function to grasp the space, because it can record 3D photographic material, not 2D ... ...

You can seamlessly blend CG and live-action images with 3DCG software. For example, "You can delete only the pool table 3 meters away from the camera" and "Extract only the target person".

The function called depth screen on Lytro Cinema is simply a feature that all objects in the image have a greenback of chromakey shooting.

It becomes possible to replace only the background with another image, eliminating the need to prepare a greenback set at the time of shooting.

You can also adjust the shutter angle and frame rate after shooting, if you use this ... ....

To the shot imageMotion blurIt will be possible to attach the effect of later. This is different from taking a picture with blurring at the time of shooting, the degree of freedom of expression will rise.

Lytro Cinema has an image sensor of 755 million pixels.

Maximum dynamic range is 16 stops.

Raw data of 40 K resolution can be taken at 300 frames per second.

Lytro Cinema's specs are amazing, such as installing a high-resolution scanning system.

In addition, it adopts a system that saves 400 GB of data per second to the local and cloud ...

Applications and plug-ins for obtaining special effects will also be available from time to time.

It is easier to give a special effect to photographed live-actions, and furthermore, Lytro Cinema has the potential ability to make it impossible until now.

Robert Stromberg, who received the Academy Awards Prize for Art in "Avatar" and "Alice in Wonderland" said, "As an artist of VFX, I'm very interested in how far the technology of photography progresses. However, using Lytro Cinema will not disturb VFX's workflow and maintain a creative environment, "Lytro Cinema holds great expectations.

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