Smart lock 'SwitchBot lock' usage review, cooperation with voice assistant, and what is the usability of 'tag' unique to SwitchBot?

When you connect the smart lock ' SwitchBot Lock ' to the Internet in combination with the ' SwitchBot Hub Mini ', you can operate the key to the front door and check the status from outside, or open the door with a single voice to a voice assistant such as Google Home or Alexa. It will be possible to do. Now that I'm ready for

the previous article , I've finally tried out various locking and unlocking methods.

SwitchBot Lock – SwitchBot

SwitchBot Hub Mini | Smart remote control that brings together remote controls

In this article, we will use 'SwitchBot Lock' and 'SwitchBot Hub Mini'. You can check the appearance of the device and how to set it up from the following articles.

Smart lock 'Switch Bot lock' that enables you to unlock your smartphone with full wireless construction-free photo review --GIGAZINE

I installed a 'Switch Bot lock' that I just stuck with tape and tried to pair it automatically with my smartphone --GIGAZINE

·table of contents
◆ 1: Unlock SwitchBot lock with smartphone app
◆ 2: If you use the included SwitchBot tag, you can unlock it just by holding your smartphone over it.
◆ 3: Quickly unlock with Apple Watch
◆ 4: Hands-free unlocking with a single voice of 'Open the entrance'
◆ 5: Other convenient functions
◆ 6: Summary

◆ 1: Unlock SwitchBot lock with smartphone app
First, try unlocking the SwitchBot in various ways. When you play the following movie, you can first see how it is unlocked using the smartphone app.

I tried unlocking the smart lock 'SwitchBot Lock' with a smartphone app-YouTube

It's easy to operate, just press the 'Locked' button in the SwitchBot app to open the key.

When the key opens, it becomes 'unlocked', so tap it again to lock it.

◆ 2: If you use the included SwitchBot tag, you can unlock it just by holding your smartphone over it.
By combining the SwitchBot tag with the NFC function of your smartphone, you can unlock and lock it without operating the app. To set, first press the button in the red frame.

Tap the button in the red frame again.

Tap 'NFC'.

Locking and unlocking can be registered in the SwitchBot tag. This time, select 'Unlock'.

Tap 'OK' and hold the SwitchBot tag over the NFC reading position on your smartphone.

Writing is complete when the screen below is displayed.

So, the following movie is operating the SwitchBot lock with the SwitchBot tag that actually registered the unlocking.

Hold your smartphone over the 'SwitchBot Tag' to unlock it-YouTube

First, I attached the SwitchBot tag near the SwitchBot lock.

Hold your smartphone with the screen attached.

Next, a notification will appear on the screen, so tap it.

Then, the app will start and unlock automatically.

So, for example, put a tag on the front door ...

You can use it to unlock by holding your smartphone over when you get home. The point of this feature is that the SwitchBot tag itself does not operate the SwitchBot lock, but the app launched by loading the SwitchBot tag unlocks it. For this reason, although it is a hassle to unlock the screen of the smartphone in advance, it is not possible for other people to hold the smartphone and open the key without permission.

◆ 3: Quickly unlock with Apple Watch
The SwitchBot app is also compatible with the Apple Watch, so if you install it on your Apple Watch in the same way you installed it on your smartphone in the

previous article , you can unlock your smartphone without removing it from your pocket.

So, what I actually tried is the following. The operation procedure is the same as the above smartphone application.

I tried unlocking 'SwitchBot Lock' on my Apple Watch-YouTube

◆ 4: Hands-free unlocking with a single voice of 'Open the entrance'
The SwitchBot lock can also be operated using voice by connecting to a smart home in combination with the SwitchBot hub mini. This time, we will unlock and lock with Alexa installed in Amazon Echo. For information on how to use and set up Alexa Echo, refer to the following articles.

Artificial intelligence Alexa-equipped smart speaker 'Amazon Echo' opening ceremony & actually used --GIGAZINE

When Amazon Echo is ready, we'll add it to the app. First, tap the button in the red frame.

Tap the button in the red frame again.

Select 'Cloud Service'.

Select 'Amazon Alexa'.

Tap 'Connect'.

The Alexa app will start, so tap 'Link'.

In addition, I will return because I will set it on the Alexa application side as well.

Select 'Add Device' from 'Other'.

Tap 'Lock'.

Tap 'Other'.

Tap Detect device.

Tap 'Set up device'.

Select the installation location and tap 'Add to group'.

Tap 'Next'.

Tap 'Done'.

Tap the button on the upper right surrounded by the red frame.

Enable two things, 'Unlock with app' and 'Unlock with voice'.

When you tap 'Unlock with voice', you will be asked to enter the confirmation code, so enter the same code twice.

So, I actually called Alexa to unlock it. You can see the situation from the following movie.

I tried unlocking 'SwitchBot Lock' with Amazon Alexa-YouTube

By operating the SwitchBot lock from the voice assistant, you can unlock it by simply calling out to the smart speaker or smartphone, which is useful, for example, when you want to open the front door because your family has returned while cooking.

◆ 5: Other convenient functions
If the SwitchBot lock and the smartphone go out of the Bluetooth connection range, such as when you go out with your smartphone, you will not be able to operate normally, but if you use it together with the SwitchBot Hub Mini, you can operate the SwitchBot lock via the Internet. When I actually try to unlock it ...

It will be displayed as follows. It is not good for security to inadvertently unlock the front door on the go, but it is useful in an emergency such as 'I received a message from my family that I lost the key and could not enter the house'.

You can see the lock and unlock records by tapping 'History' from the SwitchBot lock operation screen.

When you actually look at it, it looks like this.

Next, check the detailed setting items.

From 'Notification settings', you can set when to display notifications on your smartphone.

In addition to being able to set whether to display notifications with 'Allow notifications', the items to be notified are 'manual locking / unlocking', 'user locking / unlocking', 'automatic locking', and 'doors are not closed' (doors are not closed). You can choose from 'If the door is open)' and 'The door is unlocked (if the door is not locked)'.

The actual notification looks like this.

From 'Alert', you can set whether to sound a warning sound according to the opening / closing or locking status of the door.

The time to make a warning sound can be set from a minimum of 3 seconds to a maximum of 60 minutes in 1-second increments, so if you set it to about 1 minute, you will be in trouble because the sound will be heard even during the tens of seconds you receive the parcel delivered to your home. There is no such thing.

The movie that I actually heard the alarm is below. The sound was heard for about 5 seconds and the volume was not loud. There is no item to set the volume in particular, so if the entrance and the room you are usually in are far apart, it seems better to shorten the time until the warning is issued so that you will notice it early.

Check the alarm sound of 'Switch Bot Lock' --YouTube

You can set the auto lock from the automatic lock.

The 'automatic locking' above is the time from closing the door to auto-locking. If you set it a little longer, you will not have to open and close the key every time you go out, such as taking out trash. Also, when the battery is low, it will be automatically disabled, so you don't have to worry about the battery running out and being locked out while you are out.

'Automatic setting after unlocking' locks automatically when the door is unlocked regardless of whether the door is opened. If you open and close the door on the go, you will not be able to confirm that the entrance is actually locked, so turning this setting on will prevent the situation that 'the key should have been closed but it was open'.

◆ 6: Summary
SwitchBot Lock is a smart lock that allows you to go out keylessly by simply installing it. The most recently reviewed ' Qrio Pad ' does not review the function of linking with the 'Qrio Hub' that connects to smart homes, so it is not possible to make a simple comparison, but depending on the device, locking and unlocking with a smartphone can be dramatically improved. The difference is that there is a convenient 'SwitchBot tag' and the behavior of auto lock can be set in seconds, so the overall practicality is higher.

The SwitchBot lock does not have a function to unlock automatically just by approaching the entrance, but for example, the ' hands-free unlock function ' of Qrio Pad was a function that was a little uncertain about accuracy, so such a function was originally If you are not using it, it will not be a negative point.

On the other hand, the support information on the official website is not rich in information, so I was groping for the cooperation with the voice assistant while searching on the Internet. Therefore, I felt that it was a device that required some getting used to when trying to master various functions.

'SwitchBot Lock' is out of stock at the time of writing the article, but 'SwitchBot Hub Mini' can be purchased for 3980 yen including tax. also. Both can be ordered on, and the price at the time of writing the article was 8980 yen including tax for 'SwitchBot Lock' and 3580 yen including tax for 'SwitchBot Hub Mini'. SwitchBot Smart Lock Alexa Smart Key Smart Home --Switchbot Entrance Auto Lock Key Operate with your smartphone Alexa Google Home Siri LINE Clova Compatible Remote support No construction required Easy installation Security measures: DIY / Tools / Garden SwitchBot SwitchBot Smart Home Learning Remote Control Alexa --Google Home IFTTT Compatible with Ift Siri SwitchBot Hub Mini: DIY / Tools / Garden

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