Report that when I asked Google to repair my smartphone, I posted a naked image on SNS without permission

In just one week, two users reported that 'when I sent my Google smartphone Pixel for repair, my account was hijacked and the images inside were stolen.'

Google Pixel repairs resulted in leaked pics and a privacy nightmare --The Verge

Two Pixels returned to Google for warranty service were used to hijack accounts, stealing'nudes' and money

On December 1, 2021, an experience story was posted on the largest social bulletin board in the English-speaking world, saying, 'When I sent my smartphone to Google for repair, the data inside was stolen.' According to this poster, about a month ago, the poster's wife's Pixel broke and it was impossible to initialize it, so when I sent it to Google for repair, I got a naked image of the poster and my wife from my wife's social media account. It was posted. The poster writes, 'Now hundreds of people, including my friend's son, have seen my penis.'

Also, it is clear that not only images but also PayPal, an online remittance service, was sending $ 5 (about 570 yen), and the amount of $ 5 is very small, but this amount is larger. It is believed to be a 'test' before sending money. In addition, according to the location information, someone who posted the naked image without permission said that the image was posted from Texas.

Following this incident, game designer Jane McGonigal, who was also named 'The 35 Innovators That Change the World' by the MIT Technology Review in 2006, suffered similar damage on Twitter. I reported.

According to McGonigal, when he sent his Pixel for repair, it was 'disappeared' in Google's Texas warehouse after delivery.

After that, someone who stole McGonigal's Pixel accessed accounts such as Gmail and Dropbox. Such services send notification emails to the registered email address when there is a suspicious login, but somebody has set up to automatically sort security messages to the 'spam' folder to avoid incident detection. .. When Mr. McGonigal looked at the log, it was said that this person was accessing the image file whether he was trying to find a naked image. According to Mr. McGonigal, the images that have been viewed are photos of wearing a swimsuit, a photo of wearing a sports bra, a photo of wearing a dress that fits the body, and a part that was sewn after surgery. It seems that it was a photo etc.

Android Police, an IT news site, has contacted Google about a series of incidents, but has not received an answer at the time of publication. The Android Police pointed out that the Reddit reporter did not lock the screen, saying, 'If the display is damaged, you may not be able to set it later, but when you send the device for repair. Should set the screen lock in advance. '

A similar incident has been reported on the iPhone, and it is reported that Apple paid hundreds of millions of yen in compensation to the victim.

Posting nude photos in your smartphone that the iPhone repair company has entrusted to you on Facebook without permission --GIGAZINE

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