Twitter account that tracks Elon Musk's private jet is banned

ElonJet ( @ElonJet ), a Twitter account that tweets the takeoff and landing information of a private jet owned by Mr. Elon Musk, has been banned around the morning of December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) local time. ElonJet had over 500,000 followers just before he was banned.

Twitter suspends ElonJet account that tracks Elon Musk's private jet

Elon Jet, the Twitter account tracking Elon Musk's flights, was permanently suspended | TechCrunch

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ElonJet is a Twitter account operated by Jack Sweeney, a college student living in Florida. Mr. Sweeney understands the takeoff and landing of private jets by analyzing information published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and besides Mr. Mask, he operates a Twitter account that tracks private jet information of many celebrities. I'm here. In January 2022, Mr. Sweeney revealed that he was contacted by Mr. Mask himself and presented a hush fee.

A 19-year-old who built a system that can track private jets is presented with a hush fee from Elon Mask - GIGAZINE

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ElonJet will be banned around the morning of Wednesday, December 14, 2022, and Mr. Sweeney, who noticed this, tweeted on his Twitter account and recommended that he follow his account on platforms other than Twitter . rice field. After that, Mr. Sweeney tweeted that the account tracking the private jet for employees of SpaceX, Mr. Musk's space development company, was also suspended, but after that, Mr. Sweeney's personal Twitter account has also been banned. .

After the Twitter account operated by Mr. Sweeney was banned, Mr. Mask said on his Twitter account, ``Posting other people's location information in real time violates the ``disclosure policy''. There is no problem with posting location information if there is some delay,' he tweeted.

In line with this, Twitter Safety also tweeted that sharing other people's location information in real time is prohibited.

We have announced that we have updated our privacy policy to prohibit sharing other people's location information in real time. The reason is 'because the risk of physical harm increases'.

On the other hand, Mr. Sweeney explained that Twitter explained that his personal Twitter account was banned because he violated the platform's operation and spam policy.

Regarding the reason why Mr. Sweeney's personal Twitter account was banned, Mr. Mask said, ``Due to security concerns, an account that posts someone's location information in real time will be suspended.This includes sites containing real-time location information. There is no safety hazard in posting information about where someone has traveled a little late' 'Last night my son was in his car in Los Angeles when a crazed stalker chased him and put him under the hood The stalker thought it was me who was in the car.Legal action is being considered against Sweeney and the organization for harming my family. It is done, ”he tweeted, suggesting that ElonJet was abused by his own stalker.

Mr. Sweeney commented to CNBC that he started ElonJet in June 2020 because he was impressed by Mr. Musk's work at Tesla, saying, ``My dream car is still definitely Tesla.'' says.

In addition, Mr. Mask, who acquired Twitter at the end of October 2022, often says that the reason for the acquisition is ``to protect the freedom of speech on Twitter.'' Therefore, in early November 2022, he tweeted, ``My commitment to freedom of speech has also led to not banning the account that tracks my private jet,'' and ElonJet to protect freedom of speech. He said he was not going to ban.

However, CNBC points out that employees may have received different instructions from Mr. Mask inside Twitter. In fact, Sweeney claimed that his account was shadowbanned on December 10, 2022. According to Sweeney, a Twitter employee sent him 'a screenshot requesting that the vice president of the Trust & Safety Council shadowban ElonJet' and learned of the actions taken against his account. rice field.

In addition, it seems that all Twitter accounts that track celebrity private jets in real time operated by Mr. Sweeney at the time of writing the article have been banned.

In addition to Twitter, Mr. Sweeney also operates an account called ElonJet on Facebook and Instagram , and at the time of article creation, these accounts are still available for anyone to check. However, if you tweet the URL to these accounts on Twitter, you'll see a warning message saying 'Links are potentially harmful', as shown in the screenshot below.

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