Journalist's Twitter account forced BAN by Elon Mask may be subject to EU sanctions

Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter at the end of October 2022, suddenly permanently frozen (BAN) the Twitter account `` ElonJet '' that tracks the whereabouts of his private jet in mid-December. The European Commission has pointed out that Mr. Mask may have violated the laws of the European Union (EU) in this series of disturbances.

Elon Musk's Twitter to face EU sanctions for 'arbitrary suspension of journalists' | Mashable

On December 14, 2022 (Wednesday), local time, Mr. Musk will use the Twitter account `` ElonJet ( @ElonJet ) '' to report the whereabouts of his private jet, and the creator of ElonJet, college student Jack Sweeney. I banned my personal Twitter account . In line with this, Twitter has updated its policy to add an item that 'prohibits posting of personal location information in real time'. ElonJet and Sweeney's Twitter accounts said they were banned for violating this policy.

Twitter account tracking Earon Mask's private jet is BAN - GIGAZINE

Originally, Mr. Mask was aware of the existence of ElonJet, and in the past he mentioned that ElonJet would continue to remain on Twitter to protect freedom of speech . However, on the night of the 13th, there was an incident in which a stalker assaulted the car in which his son was riding. In response to this, Mr. Mask seems to have decided to ``prohibit posting of personal location information in real time''.

Furthermore, on December 15, 2022 (Thursday), the Twitter accounts of several well-known journalists who reported that ElonJet's account was banned were subject to temporary bans for seven days. .

Twitter freezes the accounts of journalists who reported on Elon Musk's private jet turmoil one after another - GIGAZINE

Temporarily banned accounts include New York Times' Ryan Mack, CNN's Donnie O'Sullivan, Washington Post's Drew Harwell, political commentator Keith Olberman, and journalist Tony Webb. Starr, Micah Free of The Intercept, Steve Harman of Voice of America, journalist Aaron Rupar and Matt Binder of Mashable. Some of the journalists whose accounts were temporarily banned were said to have spread the official statement of the Los Angeles Police Department about the incident in which Mr. Musk's son was attacked by a stalker.

In response to the sudden ban on the Twitter accounts of many prominent journalists, Bella Yourover , Vice President of Values and Transparency of the European Commission, the EU's policy enforcement agency, said, ``The journalist's account on Twitter is arbitrary. We are concerned about the news that it has been banned by law.The EU digital services law requires media freedom and respect for fundamental rights, which will be strengthened by the EU media freedom law.Elon Musk should be aware of this.The line that should not be crossed is right in front of you.If you cross the line, sanctions will be imposed immediately, ”he tweeted, Twitter's unilateral account BAN suggested that sanctions could be imposed against

According to Mr. Binder of Mashable whose account was temporarily banned, his account was temporarily banned after sharing a tweet with a screenshot from Mr. O'Sullivan of CNN on the night of the 15th. The screenshot was an official statement from the Los Angeles Police Department regarding the incident in which Mr. Musk's son encountered a stalker. However, Binder's and O'Sullivan's tweets did not include location information, nor did they include ElonJet's URL, so it is unclear why the account had to be temporarily banned.

In addition, the official statement of the Los Angeles Police Department, where journalists who were temporarily banned were spreading, is as follows. The tweet read, 'The LAPD (Los Angeles City Police Department) Threat Management Unit has reviewed the situation and tweets by Elon Musk and is in contact with his representatives and security team. has not been submitted yet,' and does not include location information.

When Mashable reached out to the European Commission, spokesman Charles Manoury said, 'The European Commission will ensure that Twitter, like all other relevant online platforms, will follow the rules once the Digital Services Act comes into force. We will be monitoring the situation to confirm.'

Manoury said the EU's digital services law 'applies to all platforms, especially large platforms, and ensures that rules adopted by legislators define the powers of platforms to public discourse.' increase.

One of the main objectives of enforcing the Digital Services Act is to “protect freedom of expression online, ensure that platform terms of service are clear, understandable and transparent, and allow users to exercise control over content moderation.” We guarantee that you have the right to complaints and remedies against

Online platforms that do not comply with the Digital Services Act may be subject to penalties such as fines and suspension of services within the EU.

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