Twitter eases account freeze criteria, allowing objection even if frozen

Twitter has reviewed the policy applied to users who repeatedly violate the rules, lowered the criteria for account freezing, and clarified that only users who repeat serious or continuous violations will be subject to freezing. Other users have indicated their intention to continue using their accounts by encouraging them to delete their tweets. Also, if your account is frozen, anyone can appeal.

Since December 17, 2022, Twitter has taken steps to reinstate multiple accounts, claiming that some of the previously suspended accounts did not qualify for permanent suspension. Following this, Twitter announced that from February 1, 2023, it will institutionalize the procedure for reviving the account so that anyone can appeal the suspension of the account.

In addition, we will review the punishment for accounts that violate the rules, and in the future, we will limit the display range of tweets that violate the policy, request the deletion of tweets, etc. so that you can continue using the account with minor measures. He said he would. Suspension of accounts will only occur in the event of repeated serious or sustained violations.

Serious violations include engaging in illegal content or activities, inciting or threatening violence or harm, violating privacy, manipulating the platform or sending spam. All other policies can be found on Twitter's help page .

Twitter said, 'We continue to work on launching features that transparently explain when we take coercive actions and will begin rolling out these features in February. policies can be viewed at any time in our Help Center.'

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