Multiple Gmail users appeal "Spam mail is being sent from my address"


If a lot of Gmail users reported that "Sent folder already contains unknown spam e-mails", blog mediaMashableIt reports. Because the sender of the spam mail is somehow the user's own address,Gmail's junk filterIt seems that it leaked from the mailbox and it got stuck in the sent folder, and Google is taking measures.

People's Gmail accounts appear to be sending out spam

The Mashable editor found on Sunday morning that a lot of spam mails had accumulated in the sent folder. Looking at the header part of spam mail, it is said that the sender was the mail address of himself / herself. After that, the editor changed the password and deleted the e-mail, but in Google's Gmail Help Forum, there were multiple spam e-mails similar to those confirmed by the Mashable editor.

For example,Report on April 21"From my email account, I sent three spam mails in the past hour to the 10 unknown email addresses.When I changed the password immediately, the same thing happened after that We are changing the password each time ", and a number of comments such as" I am in the same situation "are sent to it.

Some users who fall into the same situation, including editors of Mashable,Two-step authentication"Was used to strengthen security. Two-step authentication is a system that logs in using messages acquired by smartphones and mobile phones at hand, in addition to the password that you normally use, and is a very effective system for account hijacking. As a result, in this spam mail disturbance, users who are worried that "Accounts that should not be taken over have been taken over" are continuously present.

Our spokesperson told Mashable: "Google recognizes and acts as a spam action that affects a small portion of Gmail users.This spam action is to make the header part of the email as if it were a user To show it as received from himself and to display the spam in the sent folder.Because Google knows this issue, we can not assume that the account was hacked in this incident.This is a suspicious email If you notice it, we recommend that you report it as spam. "

In fact, Seth Vargo of Google staff responded to complaints that "My spam folder has been filled with spam mail I sent" on Twitter, "Thank you for telling me, Google engineers also I have confirmed this problem and are working on a solution. "

In addition, in the Google Help Forum, it was pointed out that many of the spam mails that forged the header are posted as "via" after their own email address displayed on the sender. Telus is a Canadian telecommunications company and it is unclear how it relates to this problem, but Telus spokeswoman to Mashable "A series of messages are not made by Telus, but Telus' There is no record sent from the server.Please be careful not to reply to suspicious mail where you are currently working on a solution. "

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