There is a bug that some pages are not displayed in the result of Google search

An error has occurred in the indexing of Google search since Friday, April 5, 2019, and the affected sites are not displayed in the search results.

Google Dropping Pages Out Of The Search Index

Google: De-indexing problem now fixed, result of 'technical issue'-Search Engine Land

The Google search index trouble appeared to occur on Friday, April 5, 2019, and a number of reports were reported on the WebmasterWorld thread and the Google Search Console forum . According to the report, the affected websites were displayed as 'not indexed' in the search console, which is a tool for finding out the order of their sites in Google search.

On April 6th, Google Muller, webmaster trending analyst at Google, announced the announcement 'There was a technical problem but it has been fixed'.

The affected websites are being re-indexed by Google, but as of Monday 8th April, there are still sites affected by the bug Google search 'S official account tweeted.

An announcement will be made again when the problem is completely resolved. If you want to check that your site can be indexed without being affected by this issue, open the ' Google Search Console ' and make sure that the Status column is enabled. OK.

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