Chrome does not delete data on Google sites even if 'Delete cookies and site data' is enabled

Chrome, a web browser developed by Google, can delete

cookies and site data from the settings, but programmer Jeff Johnson points out that Google's site data will not be deleted.

Chrome exempts Google sites from user site data settings

In Chrome, it is possible to enable the setting to delete cookies and site data when Chrome is closed from 'Settings' → 'Cookies and other site data'. However, according to Johnson, it is clear that only non-Google site data will be deleted, and Google-affiliated site data such as YouTube and Google search cannot be deleted with this setting.

In Chrome, click 'Settings' → 'Cookies and other site data' → 'Show all cookies and site data' to check the stored cookies and site data. Johnson has set up only Twitter to retain site data, so once Chrome is restarted, only Twitter site data will remain.

When you access YouTube, you can see that YouTube site data and cookies are saved on the 'Show all cookies and site data' screen as shown below.

Once you restart Chrome, it looks like this. You can see that the YouTube cookie is deleted, but the site data of database storage, local storage, service worker remains as it is.

According to Mr. Johnson, data on non-Google affiliated sites such as Apple will be deleted according to the setting, but data on Google affiliated sites such as YouTube and Google search will be automatically deleted even if it is set to be deleted. It will not be deleted. ' In order not to save the data of Google affiliated sites that can not be deleted automatically, it seems that it is necessary to add it to 'sites that can not use cookies'. According to Johnson, adding to 'Always delete cookies when closing windows' is not enough to delete site data.

'Maybe this is just a Chrome bug, not intentional behavior, but the problem is why it only affects Google-affiliated sites,' Johnson said, which is against Google's will. I point out that it is happening. In addition, Mr. Johnson is using the latest version of Chrome for macOS, version 86.0.4240.75, and it seems that the same bug occurred in earlier versions of Chrome, but this bug has existed since when. It seems that it is unknown whether it is.

At the end of a blog post reporting a Chrome bug, Johnson said, 'You might read this article and say,'Use Safari instead of Chrome!', But Safari has a site at the end. It's actually worse because it doesn't even have the ability to delete data. '

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