Will Apple require unvaccinated employees to undergo daily pre-work COVID-19 testing?

In developed countries, companies are moving to return employees to the office as the rate of vaccination against the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) increases. Meanwhile, it is reported that Apple will require 'COVID-19 unvaccinated employees' to be tested for COVID-19 daily before entering the office.

Apple (AAPL) Will Force Unvaccinated Office Workers to Get Tested Daily --Bloomberg

Apple to require stringent COVID-19 testing for unvaccinated employees | AppleInsider

Apple Requiring Unvaccinated Corporate Employees to Be Tested for COVID-19 Daily --MacRumors

With the increase in COVID-19 vaccination rates, many tech companies have announced policies that allow employees to work in the office. Apple does not require employees to be vaccinated, but it is reported to require them to self-report their vaccination status.

Apple requires employees to 'self-report' new corona vaccination status-GIGAZINE

According to a new report released by foreign media Bloomberg, Apple plans to introduce a testing protocol from November 1, 2021 that 'unvaccinated employees will be tested daily for COVID-19 before entering the office.' And that. The daily testing protocol applies not only to employees who report unvaccinated, but also to employees who have not reported vaccination status, and vaccinated employees are also tested once a week. It is said that it is necessary.

Meanwhile, employees working in the Apple Store rather than in the office will be required to be tested twice a week if unvaccinated and once a week if vaccinated. Employees can receive a quick diagnostic kit at Apple's office or retail store and need to report the diagnostic results via a dedicated smartphone app. It takes 15 minutes for one test.

Earlier reports required Apple to report vaccination status to employees by September 24, but the latest report has moved back and called for a declaration by October 24. It is said that there is.

Google, Facebook, and others require all employees working in the office to be vaccinated, but Apple does not require vaccination, and vaccine guidelines are relatively loose. However, the U.S. government has announced policies that require federal officials and contractors to vaccinate and companies with more than 100 employees to vaccinate their employees or submit a weekly negative certificate. It is said that Apple's vaccination policy may be forced to change.

Vaccination or Negative Proof for Employees, Fines for Violators US Presidential Announcement: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Apple plans to resume office work from January 2022, but employees have voiced opposition to the introduction of a work style that combines remote and office work.

Employees oppose '2 remotes per week, 3 work weeks' scheduled to be introduced by Apple, and voices requesting work style reforms are expanding --GIGAZINE

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