'How I Experience Web Today', the most sarcastic website of the modern Internet full of waste

As technology continues to advance over time, we think that everything will become more convenient, but there is an opinion that websites on the Internet continue to become inconvenient against the times. .. ' How I Experience Web Today ' is a website where you can feel 'how inconvenient' by embodying the modern way of the Internet.



When you access 'How I Experience Web Today', you will see a Google search-like screen that says 'I searched something'. Click 'Then it shows me something' to see the next page.

On the following screen, a banner called 'Cookie Privacy Statement' appears.

Following the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in May 2018, many websites are now displaying these 'please allow cookies'. This time, select 'Accept' to go to the next screen.

Then, the next screen is displayed ... Before that, a new pop-up appears from the top. This pop-up asks for permission to

notify your browser, 'We'd like to send you notifications with the latest news and updates from our site.' I chose 'NO THANKS' this time, thinking 'Even if it is said to be a notification on the website I see for the first time ...'.

This time, 'https://how-i-experience-web-today.com wants to Show notifications (https://how-i-experience-web-today.com wants permission to view notifications)' , A pop-up requesting permission for notification has appeared. Press 'Block' while thinking 'You chose it earlier!'. At this time, the button layout was 'No / Yes' earlier, but this time, note that the button layout is 'Yes / No', which is the opposite of the left and right buttons, as if it were a hook problem.

I finally thought about the website I was looking for, and then a pop-up about subscribing to the newsletter came out. Next with 'No, thanks'.

Then, a pop-up called 'Adblock Detected' appeared with a cross mark. Many websites rely primarily on the ads that appear on their pages, so some websites are required to disable Adblock in this way. Press 'OK' to continue.

Then, at the bottom of the screen, the options 'Limited Access (limited plan for user registration only)', 'Buy This Article (purchase and read this article)', and 'Unlimited Access (flat-rate subscription plan)' appear. I want to read it for free this time, so click the x mark in the upper right corner of the options.

This time, an effect appeared that hides the page you want to browse. Continue with 'Continue Reading'.

Finally, the target page was displayed, but banners such as '50% off annual subscription!', Advertising banners, chat fields leading to user support, banners for creating accounts, etc. are arranged. The whole page is very messy.

Still, when I scrolled the screen to read the text part, I found the following 'You scrolled! It seems you are interested in our content!' A pop-up prompting you to register appears. It makes me feel like, 'It's hard to read, but this is the way to do it ...'.

In this way, 'How I Experience Web Today' is a website that sarcastic about 'how difficult it is to read modern websites.' In a Hacker News thread about this site, there were comments such as 'Sad but this is the reality' and 'I want you to load more slowly and make it real because it loads too fast.'

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