Facebook removes specifications to display advertisements by bypassing ad blocking function


Facebook and GoogleControl 64% of digital advertising marketAlthough it is said that it is said that Facebook is a service on the desktop version of the web browser, announced that it will start an effort to display advertisements to users bypassing the ad block which hides advertisements.

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Hiding Advertisements The tool called "Ad Block" has doubled the number of users over the last two years, and some of the websites that focus on advertising revenue include ad blocking features such as AdBlock There is also a warning which says "To read articles you want to release ad blocking function" is displayed.

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For Internet advertisement blocking, Google has implemented a feature called "Acceptable Ads" for some time, and for some whitelisted ads it is displayed even if Adblock Plus is on We are addressing to make it.

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Meanwhile, on August 9, 2016 Facebook reported about the flow as described above "Companies that provide some ad blocking tools are not blocked by receiving money on ads that had been blocked so far This is confusing people and reducing funding for journalism and free services that need support, "explains. "As our mission is not to pay money to Adblock Companies but to give people the power to open and connect the world more openly", we eliminate ad blocking in the desktop version of the website, We announced plans to display advertisements even if users were using the ad blocking tool.

In accordance with this, strengthen the function to display only "favorite advertisement" in the latest update. If users set "Advertisement display setting", "Travel and cats are not interested"Even if Facebook determines that the user is "cats" from the profile field, Advertisements related to cats are not displayed. Instead of hurting the user's online experience, Facebook explains that it has built a new ad format that supplements the user experience to the last.

These efforts will be made only on the desktop version of the website at the time of article creation, and if you use Facebook with the mobile version website or application, the ad blocking tool will still be effective.

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