Discord begins testing YouTube integration 'Watch Together' shortly after the music bots 'Groovy' and 'Rythm' are eliminated

From August to September 2021, Google requested Discord's popular music bots 'Groovy' and 'Rythm' to stop service one after another. Immediately after these music bots ended their services, it was reported that Discord began testing 'Watch Together, ' a feature that allows multiple people to talk while watching YouTube videos.

Discord starts testing YouTube integration weeks after Google shuts down music bots --The Verge


Discord tests out Watch Together, letting you watch YouTube videos with friends

Discord's Working On An Official YouTube Watch Party Feature --Tubefilter

Foreign media The Verge reported on September 22 that Discord has begun testing its integration with YouTube. The new feature is called 'Watch Together', where members of the Discord server can search for and select YouTube videos or paste links to create 'playlists' and have members talk while watching videos together. It is a function that can be done. In addition, it seems that the function that the participating members control the video playback is also available.

The image below is the screen when using Watch Together released by The Verge. Multiple YouTube videos are lined up as a 'playlist' on the left side, and the YouTube video is playing in the center. In the search field on the upper left, it says 'Search or paste YouTube link', and it seems that you can search YouTube videos directly from Discord.

It has been pointed out that the Watch Together test started shortly after the popular music bots 'Groovy' and 'Rythm' used by many Discord users were warned by Google and stopped one after another.

In August 2021, Google announced that it would take cease and desist measures against the popular music bot 'Groovy' that can play YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud music on Discord because it violated the rules. Developer Nik Ammerlaan said eliminating Groovy was only a matter of time, as Groovy used an API to extract YouTube music and bypassed front-ends and ads. And Groovy will end the service on August 30th.

Two weeks later, the music bot Rythm, which has more than 660 million users, also announced that it will end its service on September 15 at the request of Google.

Discord's popular music bot 'Groovy' receives an exclusion notice from Google and decides to end the service --GIGAZINE

Foreign media The Verge and Mashable suggest that Discord may have accelerated the release of Watch Together as Google notified popular music bots of violations of the rules one after another.

Watch Together isn't exactly the same feature as a music bot, but you can also listen to YouTube music on Discord. However, since Watch Together is a function officially integrated with YouTube, YouTube collects the IP address and search word of the Discord user to use, and advertisements may be displayed during playback. It seems that YouTube does not collect information about Discord accounts.

At the time of writing, Watch Together is being tested at Discord Games Lab, the server where Discord deploys the tools it is testing. Discord plans to roll out the beta to more servers in the coming weeks, making Watch Together available to all Discord users by the end of October.

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